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Sintax's Game Boy Color bootleg games

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Sintax's Game Boy Color bootleg games
These are 3 bad games that will triple your hate on them by 3.
Genre(s): Adventure
Platform(s): Game Boy Color
Release: 2001-2003
Developer(s): Sintax
Publisher(s): Sintax

Donkey Kong 5: The Journey of Over Time and Space, 2003 Digitmon Sapphire, and Harry Boy are bootleg games made by Sintax for the Game Boy Color and were released around 2001-2003. The reason why these 3 games are in one article is because they are reskins of each other.

Why They're Sintax Errors

  1. The game's designs are actually stolen from Super Mario Bros., which is a sign of utter laziness.
  2. Even the music is also stolen from Pokemon Pinball! (e.g the settings and Blue Field theme).
  3. Every single sprite are copied from various games (e.g. some Brick Block equivalents are the broken versions of the breakable blocks from Wario Land, the Koopa Troopa equivalents are blue armadillos from the Tiny Toon Adventures game, the Hammer Bros. are the Hockey Ducks from DuckTales, the Title Screen is stolen from Donkey Kong '94, the "Digimon" on the title screen of 2003 Digitmon Sapphire is literally just Croc (the image was stolen from the title screen for the Game Boy Color port of Croc 2), Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong’s sprite are stolen from Donkey Kong Country for Game Boy Color, and the spin sprite is stolen from Taz-Mania. Heck, the image of DK shrugging on the box art for Donkey Kong 5 is even stolen from when he uses his taunt in Melee!).
  4. The Brick Block equivalents are literally unbreakable, despite being you know, a key feature in the Mario games!
  5. Some of the enemies function very horribly, due to being a bootleg game.
  6. As typical for a bootleg, the game has very broken English and horrible grammar.
  7. A lot of things in the games don't make any sense, like how can Donkey Kong become Diddy Kong when he doesn't have enough food?
  8. What's even worse is that Sintax thought it was a good idea to attempt to leech off Super Mario Sunshine by re-releasing Donkey Kong 5: The Journey of Over Time and Space as the same name but with an extra "r" in "Mario". The only differences are that the title screen is different and so how the goal pole functions; if you touch it anywhere other than the very bottom, you will get an instant game over.


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