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Simulation game

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Not everything in our life needs to be simulated.

A Simulation game is a video game genre, which goal is to simulate anything. Many simulation games have different themes with different goals to accomplish, such as building your own town, managing a family, or creating a start-up company. Although many people consider SimCity and Will Wright to be the games that revolutionized the genre, the actual first simulation game to be released in the world is Fortune Builder for the ColecoVision in 1984.

Over the years, a lot of simulation games have been released, and although there are some great games like Microsoft Flight Simulator, SimCity, PC Building Simulator, Surgeon Simulator, The Sims, Spore, and more, this isn't always the case.

Why Some of Them Suck At Simulations

  1. As a sign of laziness, the titles in these games often use the same font (Helvetica Ultra Compressed), which is taken from Microsoft Flight Simulator games, which is cited as most of these games' influences.
  2. The games are often buggy, unfinished, and glitchy, since for the most part, the developers of these games often don't even bother to fix these issues, resulting in a more frustrating experience for players.
  3. Some of the concepts are downright stupid. For example, in Gorrila Simulator, you play as a gorrila and your goal is to kill people (though they actually turn into gorrilas), and in Breakfast Simulator, you have to eat breakfast, while at the same time play some sort of Flappy Bird rip-off.
  4. Most of the times, the graphics in these games look cheap, poorly-done and downright ugly, especially the ones made by one or a small number of developers, some of them look like they're from a PlayStation or Nintendo 64 game.
    • In addition most of these games run on the Unity engine, which is notorious for being known for a ton of shovelware games, although there are some that still look nice in terms of graphics using the engine.
  5. Some of these games tries to simulate something that is too bland to do so, or just being so pointless to do so to begin with, thus offering little to no gameplay at all. For example:
    • Sitting Simulator: all you do is sit and nothing else.
    • Grass Simulator: all you do is stare at grass growing in Grass Mode, and in the other Modes, all you do is walk around. There are also weapons and power-ups that the player can use and, but they're all completely pointless as there are no enemies, while there are cows in the game you can't kill them, as shooting them won’t even hurt them at all.
  6. Some of them feature outdated, pop culture references or even internet memes and slangs. For example, in Tea Party Simulator, there's a treasure chest you can open, and inside it has the Deal With It sunglasses. If you put them on the teddy bear, a text box will appear and an achievement called Deal With It is unlocked.
  7. The games are often poorly optimized and won't run well, even on a high end/decent computer.
  8. After the phenomenon of the announcement trailer for the upcoming Simulator game I Am Jesus Christ (which, as the name implies, is all about controlling Jesus Christ), a lot of unknown developers have started a weird and kinda suspicious trend, where they announce a new game, and instead of showing some footage from the actual game, they instead create CGI trailers that do not reflect the actual game. And even if the game is real, it won't be always as accurate as the CGI trailer. This is essentially false advertising.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some have interesting concepts, like being a surgeon (Surgeon Simulator), Truck Driver (The Truck Simulator series), Bus Driver (Bus Simulator) and many more.
  2. Others more intentional games like Goat Simulator aren't meant to be taken seriously and were clearly jokes, regardless of how bad or good they are.


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