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Sim Live

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This article is about the 2007 freeware life simulation game.
You may be looking for SimLife.
Sim Live
Genre(s): Life simulation
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: 2007
Engine: GameMaker Studio
Developer(s): BartekGM
Publisher(s): BartekGM
Country: Poland
Series: Sim Live
Successor: Sim Live 2

Sim Live is a 2007 freeware life simulation game developed and published by BartekGM for Microsoft Windows. This is BartekGM's sixth game to be released after the trilogy of The Ball series, J-40, and Ball Game.[1] On December 31, 2007, it was followed by a sequel titled Sim Live 2.[2]


Sim Live is a life simulation game inspired by The Sims games. The game is about the main character living as an average human by borrowing money, buying food to heal the protagonist.

At home, he has a telephone available only for ordering pizzas. The game features a theater and a park.

The Lotto mini-game is inspired by the Polish number game Lotto, organized by the Totalizator Sportowy company. Unlike the original, Sim Live features only the balls that are inside a transparent plastic box, ultimately for the yellow ball to end up in the upper narrow container.

Why It’s Not Lively

  1. The game logo is abysmal. The only thing it offers is an inscription drawn in Microsoft Paint with a brush.
  2. The main menu not only has an equally awful design, it doesn't have any settings yet.
    • The only options the game has to offer are start, load, exit and credits. And with the three options to the left, red dots appear, represent the amateurishness and misery of the programmer's artistry, instead of making it so that you can click the mouse button on the option text (as it is so done in almost every game in the world).
    • Regarding the visual background, this one has the above mentioned logo of the game, but also the author of the annotated 2D (where for some reason, some shoe is holding the D letter) also poorly-done on Paint.
  3. Basically, the game is a tremendously cheap The Sims knock-off, but it literally does everything inept.
  4. The realism does not exist.
    • Every two seconds, your main character loses one health point.
    • When ordering a pizza, you don't have to move to give your money, only a van arrives and before you know it you lose money, eventually the car drives away. Only the worst part about it is that you don't have the chance to see the meal ordered.
    • Meanwhile, while in the store, the seller or the shop's alley does not appear, but a white screen in which you choose the product. It is even more illogical that the price is not shown.
    • The last illogical thing is, when you are consuming a given meal or drink with an extremely small health point, that bar will completely replenish to 100 percent.
  5. Unimaginably horrible graphics which is a blast from the past of the early 1980s Atari 2600 games than a game released in 2007. What you can see is that the graphics were made in Microsoft Paint (similar to the other aspects mentioned above). The textures are almost non-existent, limited to one color of a given object, the sprites of the pizza delivery's vehicle very weakly resemble their real counterparts, and they look more like undefined ellipses or rectangles, the buildings are simply squares or rectangles with hideous handwritten inscription, ending on with the main character trying to ineptly emulate the average character from The Simpsons.
  6. Non-existent animations. In fact, they only consist of two frames of an animation moving in a given direction without any noticeable movement. The same is true for the pizza delivery van, when he is driving north, doesn't look like he has turned, only it's riding on its side, like on a skateboard by the fences.
  7. Completely unbearable music that causes bleeding from the ears. The first thing you hear is the vague cacophony that can be heard practically throughout the game, and the Star Wars theme (on the cinema). However, it is worth mentioning that both tracks were downloaded from the Internet in a pathetic audio quality in a MIDI file.
  8. No sound effects whatsoever. The only thing the game offers are two tracks mentioned above.
  9. Extremely boring and painfully schematic gameplay. All you do in the game is buy the product in the store to charge the energy, borrow a varying amount of money, and pointless interactions that are not presented in any way interesting.
  10. The main character's house is absolutely empty. A huge amount of basic items is missing, offering only a sofa and a telephone (which is only useful for ordering pizzas).
  11. The cinema offered in the game is a total disappointment. Inside the cinema there is only a cinema room with orange chairs that look more like crooked rectangles and a gray screen. In addition, the cinema does not present anything in the background, you only hear, as previously mentioned, the cult track of the Star Wars series.
  12. The Lotto mini-game is absolutely terrible.
    • First, it is worth mentioning that the balls have completely broken collision detection. It often happens that the balls stick and penetrate.
    • Ending on the balls that are moving very slow and combined with the collision, this mini-game is almost impossible to win.


BartekGM, who developed Sim Live, has personally reviewed it, saying it's "shit over shit". He strongly criticized the graphics, saying that "the graphics are taken from the previous century, it is a pixelosis made in Paint", lack of realism, considering that "nothing is realistic in this game", the audio that is average, because there's no sound effects, expect for two tracks, and that there is no gameplay, that "only Chuck Norris would be able to complete the game in more than five minutes without falling asleep for a moment". He praised only the mini-game called Lotto, because, in his opinion, it was a variety, compared to the fact that you do not only have to eat and buy.[3]



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