Silver Surfer

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Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer NES box.jpg
This isn't Silver Surfer, it's his cousin - Porcelain PowerBoarder!
Genre: Shoot 'em up
Platforms: NES
Release Date: November 1990
Developer: Software Creations
Publisher: Arcadia Systems
Franchise: Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer is a video game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System, developed by Software Creations and released by Arcadia Systems in November 1990 in the United States which it was based on the Marvel Comics of the same name.


In Silver Surfer, the player controls the titular Marvel Comics hero through various levels that alternate between a side-scrolling and an overhead perspective.

Each stage is divided into sections. At the end of each section, a mini-boss appears, and the Silver Surfer must shoot the main enemy while many other enemies attack as well. These are the only times where the screen stops scrolling forward. The third and final section contains a super-villain from the comic book series who will take more hits to defeat. The villains featured in the game are Reptyl, Mephisto, Possessor, Fire Lord and Dorrek VII, the Skrull Emperor.

After the first set of levels is complete, Galactus appears and sends Silver Surfer on a final mission into the Magik Domain to collect a Cosmic Device from a villain whose identity is less than clear. Despite previous claims, the final boss is actually a giant purple being with a handgun that does not appear to have been in the comics, although the image near the boss's health bar suggests that the main antagonist is X-Men villain Mister Sinister. Once Silver Surfer defeats him, the rest of the Cosmic Device is his, and he tells Galactus that no one must have access to the "Cosmic Device" and hides it for safekeeping so it may not fall into the wrong hands.

The game has a password feature that allows a number of upgrades, such as invincibility. The game has cut-scenes between the levels to move the storyline ahead and allows the player to pick the levels in any order, similar to the Mega Man games. The game also features two additional 'quests', the first of which is unlocked by entering a password given to the player upon completing the "Magik Domain" mission.

Why it Sucks

  1. If you even slightly touch anything, you will instantly die - and you usually won't have enough reaction time to avoid it.
  2. Virtually every enemy is a bullet sponge (takes a lot of hits to defeat), moves extremely fast and has an erratic movement pattern.
  3. Silver Surfer's hitbox is way too big, especially in the overhead levels where he can be killed if anything touches his board.
  4. Almost every overhead level restricts the Silver Surfer to cramped narrow passageways, making it more difficult than needed to avoid enemies and projectiles.
  5. No autofire option unless you use a turbo controller or an NES emulator that includes turbo control.
  6. Has almost nothing to do with any of the Marvel comics and does no justice to the character by making him so weak.
  7. Even when fully powered-up, your bullets do hardly any damage and the "option" power-up you get from picking up enough power-ups is cumbersome to use (you need to tap B to change the direction it fires in) and is only really useful for killing enemies that appear behind you in the side-scrolling levels.
  8. In the overhead view, it's almost impossible to tell which obstacles you can pass through easily and which ones you can't and enemy bullets often blend into the background.
  9. Nausea/epilepsy-inducing water graphics in one of the overhead levels and a flash blindness-inducing death screen.
  10. You can't even turn around due to the moving screen.
  11. The final boss of the "Magik Domain" is actually the X-Men antagonist, Mister Sinister on the loading screen and the HUD. However, his sprite is just a giant purple monster with a handgun that isn't seen in the comics.
  12. Sequel-bait ending: The Silver Surfer finally completes the Cosmic Device that Galactus wanted after he defeated the final boss of the "Magik Domain" (Mister Sinister), Galactus wants Silver Surfer to hand him the fully-assembled Cosmic Device to rule the world and Silver Surfer refuses to hand it to him saying that he will store it in a safe place to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. However, there's no way to fight Galactus hand-to-hand as the game immediately cuts to the credits.

Redeeming Qualities

Though not one of the best NES games, it may have a few saving graces that may prevent it from being one of the worst.

  1. It has very good music, as with most games on the NES.
  2. The graphics are also good.
  3. The controls and gameplay are good, regardless of the difficulty.
  4. It's good for people who are getting used to SHMUPs.
  5. It's at least better than other games based off of superheroes, like The Uncanny X-Men and Superman 64.
  6. You can tell which objects will kill you on collision and which ones are just background objects by firing at them. Projectiles will be stopped by actual obstacles.
  7. Upgrading your gun makes the game more playable and enjoyable. Unfortunately, when you die (or get hit/touched at all), you lose all of your upgrades.




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This is one of my guilty pleasures. :)

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