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Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops

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― Todd Howard
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Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops
Protagonist(s): Myra Lee
Aron Alvez
Genre(s): Third-person shooter
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: April 5, 2011
Engine: Xplay
PhysX (physics)
Developer(s): Black Lion Studios
Publisher(s): Viva Media
Country: Germany

Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops is a third-person shooter game developed by Black Lion Studios and published by Viva Media.

Why It Sucks

  1. Poor graphics with over usage of yellow filter, which makes the game look like it was released in 2007, despite being released in 2011. The character models also look cheaply made so much so that they have no facial expressions at all.
  2. The gunplay is terrible that feels unfinished. Not helping is the muzzle flash on the guns which is way too big. This is especially bad when trying to take out snipers, which breaks the game as snipers instantly kill you if they manage to land even a single shot.
  3. Very uninteresting story.
  4. Bad optimization as the frame rate will tank when they're are a lot of enemies on screen.
  5. Awful voice acting.
  6. Terrible AI that is both stupid and are like hiveminds when playing the stealth. They're detection FOV during stealth is also broken as they can spot Mira through a one inch crack of a window.
  7. The entire screen goes blurry when you reload.
  8. Misogynistic Tone: It seems like the only reason Mira is female is to exploit her through awkward QTEs like doing a "sexy" dance in her underwear or moving in a very sexual manner while trying to get past lasers.
  9. False advertising (kinda): The game advertises you can switch between the two characters and can choose how to approach a level. While that is technically true, there are segments where you can't get spotted, so you have to use stealth.



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