Shadow: Treachery cannot be tolerated

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Shadow: Treachery cannot be tolerated
Even Digital Homicide puts more effort to making a "game" than this one!
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Release Date: March 6, 2018
Developer: Riad Arifin
Publisher: Riad Arifin

Shadow: Treachery cannot be tolerated is a shooter game developed and published by Riad Arifin on Steam on March 6, 2018.

Why It Sucks

  1. False Advertisement: The game's description on Steam says that it's an RPG, but it's an FPS game with a few token RPG mechanics.
  2. At launch, the developer forgot to even add the game on Steam, meaning that users who bought the game literally got an empty folder, and nothing more.
  3. Even after the game was patched, the game is still broken to the point where it's almost unplayable. The game's quality is borderline dreadful that it makes the asset flips from Digital Homicide or Silicon Echo Studios look good. It feels more like a tech demo.
  4. Unacceptably short. The game was released in an "episodic format". The first episode consists of only one level and a cutscene, and can be completed in about two minutes. The second episode is also one level long, a DLC that is broken and does not launch properly unless you double-click on the Steam game launch button to launch it.
    • With the terrible reception that the game had, it's unknown if the developer really will continue the game and release new chapters.
  5. You will die in two seconds at the beginning of the game unless you somehow manage to take out enough of the enemies in the first two seconds, and they immediately attack you. Even then, you will quickly die unless you take down the rest of the enemies due to your low health level.
  6. The absurdly small TTK/TTD ratio is not helped by the very clunky controls, with oversensitive camera movements and the fact that, for some reason, the camera controls are inverted on the Y axis by default : moving the mouse up makes the character aim down.
  7. The game has ludicrously large system requirements for a simple and unfinished piece of software.
  8. You can't move your character at all in the first episode. In the second episode you can move, but there's only one movement button to move forward, and actually you move tilted 15 degrees from the camera facing when you press the button.
  9. The enemies can die without even pointing at them (some of them will be even looking the other way).
  10. There is no tutorial on what to do or how to play the game.
  11. In-game menus and texts are so small that you'll need to lean extremely close to the screen to even see it.
  12. Extremely horrible graphics. for example, car textures looks like it was came from Nintendo 64 games.
  13. Terrible animations, especially the player's hand, which makes it as if the gun is duct-taped to you.
  14. Poor audio. The only sound effect is a gunfire noise that sounds like someone did it with their mouth.
  15. The developer tried to do "damage control" by pitching the screwed-up hitboxes as an innovation, saying on the Steam page that "The most interesting feature of this game is that if you shoot the goons and they don't die, you have to shoot at the places surrounding the attackers to kill them.".
  16. The game's trailer on Steam is literally just the gameplay recorded with a camera from a PC, you could even see the mouse pointer (and on top of that, the sound in it is much worse).
  17. The game's thumbnail is nothing but just a picture of the game and the title of the game written in red with the Calibri font it can be really hard to see.
  18. Poor dialogue. For example, the FBI interview describing Shadow was botched by multiple spelling mistakes and wrong pronunciations.


The game has received overwhelmingly negative reviews, with many calling it worse than anything that Digital Homicide ever released.

Jim Sterling said that the game is "much better without the files".

At first, the game got some notoriety because it was released with the executable missing. Nowadays, has been considered by reviewers one of the worst games to ever be released on Steam, comparable to Earth: Year 2066 or Air Control.





5 months ago
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"At launch, the developer forgot to even add the game on Steam, meaning that users who bought the game literally got an empty folder, and nothing more."

Yeah, the developer was so dumb, this was even done by stupidity.


4 months ago
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Ow The Edge is better than this game!


9 days ago
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When you see a developer forgot to add the game at launch, you know that the developer sucks at making games

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