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Don't let the cool profile pic fool you!

Marcos Abenante, primarily known by his alias Sergeant Mark IV, is a Brazilian computer game programmer, best known as the creator of the Brutal Doom mod. His mod won the first-ever Cacoward for best Gameplay Mod in 2011 and a MOTY award for creativity and Public's Choice by Mod DB in 2012 and 2017, respectively. He is (as of November 2013) banned from both the ZDoom and Zandronum forums.

He is currently working on VietDoom, a total conversion mod of Doom set during the Vietnam War.

Why He Sucks

  1. When Brutal Doom won an award for "Best mod ever" in ModDB, he immediately developed a colossal ego and spent a long time afterward attacking anyone who criticized any aspect of the mod or his award.
  2. He is a notorious edgelord who, among other things:
    • Once told a depressed suicidal dude to kill himself, including giving him instructions on how to do it.
    • Put racial slurs in his game code: an internal line in one of the GORE lumps used to refer to how "plasma magic" can turn white people into [black people] faster than rap.
    • Has been caught liking Holocaust denier videos on his Youtube account.
    • Claimed that to make his mod more realistic, he was going to change the sprites to be composites of actual gore (such as digitizing a photograph of a man with a split-open skull for a Pinky demon's exposed brain matter).
    • Managed to get himself banned from the forums of Encyclopedia Dramatica. When ED throws someone out for being a troll, you know something's gone wrong.
  3. When he found out that Bethesda and id Software put "glory kills" similar to those in Brutal Doom in Doom 2016, instead of being flattered that they may have been inspired by his mod, he got mad about it and accused them of "stealing his work." This is more than a little ironic coming from a modder.
  4. He's no better on forums and has been banned from most of the major Doom modding communities, although the forum Doomer Boards has members who white knight him.
  5. Brutal Doom is notorious for suffering from feature creep in its later versions and gradually becoming unbalanced and unstable, mainly due to huge maps with 200+ monsters all of which have headshot and limb shot scripts and extra attacks. Several forks have been made, such as Project Brutality, which usually do far better at adjusting for balance while still adding new features.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He created one of the best Doom mods of all time, Brutal Doom.
  2. He is an excellent case study in separating the art from the artist.
  3. He has recently started to take measures to have addons and "Sub-versions" (also commonly known as forks or derivatives) of Brutal Doom actually become known through his Discord. Seeing as a common criticism of him is his attitude towards forks, and more specifically Project Brutality, this could be seen as an effort to change, but a lot more than just that is necessary to not suck.




9 months ago
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I'll consider him the Godzilla of the Doom community.


8 months ago
Score 1
I love brutal Doom and if you don't like it that's fine.


2 months ago
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He's still better than YandereDev, at least he knows how to make a game/mod, unlike YandereDev.

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