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Sega accidentally uses plagiarized fanart in Sonic and The Black Knight

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During the promotion of Sonic and the Black Knight, Sega held a contest where people could submit their fanart; if they won, they would get a copy of the game alongside having their art displayed in the special art gallery; back in 2009, this was a pretty novel concept.

Unfortunately, one of the winners was found to have traced art of Sonic and Shadow from DeviantArt user Mega777 (the original art is no longer on his account, though reuploads exist); upon this discovery, Sega immediately disqualified the contestant who issued an apology and gave Mega777 the copy instead.

Despite this, the tracer is still credited as Sega wasn't able to edit out the artwork (the Wii's online connectivity was pretty limited, which meant updating games was basically out of the question).


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