Sea of Thieves (pre-2019)

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Sea of Thieves
An ocean wide, a puddle deep. -Angry Joe
Genre: Action
Massively Multiplayer Online
Platforms: Xbox One
Microsoft Windows
Release Date: March 20, 2018
Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Developer: Rare
Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure video game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios. The player assumes the role of a pirate who completes voyages from different trading companies in order to become the ultimate pirate legend.

Bad Qualities

  1. The game essentially launched as a Beta, with barely any content and close to zero replay value, yet it charges full price.
  2. There are only three types of "quests": catching animals, killing skeletons, and digging treasure. These quests are all extremely repetitive and get boring very quickly.
  3. There's zero progression other than cosmetics which don't affect the gameplay at all.
    • Since the game is played in first-person, you can't even see your own customized character unless they're dancing.
  4. False advertising: The game had promised to have a very strong end-game once you become a Pirate Legend, yet becoming Pirate Legend does nothing meaningful.
  5. Very few enemy types besides generic skeletons that are boring to kill. The skeletons also have poor AI and pose very little threat.
  6. Dying has no consequences because you just respawn, same for your pirate ship, this makes PvP combat meaningless.
  7. Since players only have four weapons and no way to customize how their character plays, combat is repetitive and boring too.
  8. Even though it is possible to play the game in Single player, it is extremely tedious to do so because ships are designed to be managed by 2 or four people, playing single player means you have to do everything by yourself.
  9. One of the "highlight events" of the game is encountering the Kraken, but the Kraken doesn't even have a character model, it's just a bunch of tentacles with no body.
    • The water becomes dark when the Kraken appears to try to hide this, but it is still very obvious.
  10. No endgame whatsoever, once you do each of the three fetch quests once and find the Kraken, you've pretty much seen all the content the game has to offer.
  11. The game crashed at launch because of the player overpopulation (though this was because Rare didn't expect this amount of players in the game, fortunately, it's fixed now).
  12. The game was later updated with micro-transactions. While they are cosmetic and easy to avoid, its appearance is still shady at best.

Good Qualities

  1. Nice colorful art style with spectacular looking water. The fact that it runs on Unreal Engine 4 helps.
  2. The character designs are pretty cool to look at.
  3. It's soundtrack is decent.
  4. The game has little trouble running on weaker PCs.
  5. The game improved lots since its release.


Sea of Thieves was heavily hyped by Microsoft for several years and was seen by many as the solution to the Xbox One's lacking first-party library and Rare Studio's comeback after spending years doing nothing but Kinect games. However, when the game was released it received mixed or average reception due to the game obviously being released barebones and lacking in content despite charging full price. The game was described by most reviewers and players as boring and repetitive.

Angry Joe gave the game a 4/10, calling it a rip-off with its $60 price tag and criticizing the severe lack of content. Joe, along with many other critics, compared the game to No Man's Sky.

Initially, the game had a rather large player base, but after two weeks it dropped significantly. This was because a large amount of players who were either only playing the game through the Xbox One's Game Pass free trial or abandoned it very quickly.

In response to the backlash over the game, many described it as "Make your own fun" but that did little to excuse the lack of content, if anything most pointed out that the game has so little actual content that "making your own fun" is not possible.

Rare has promised that more content will be released for free in the upcoming months, but a large amount of players have already abandoned the game regardless. According to an interview with a former Rare developer, Rare themselves also knew that the game was shallow and boring yet they decided to release it anyways instead of delaying it to add more content.

The game caused most people to lose hope that Rare could return to their glory days.

However, with the launch of the Anniversary update, the game's general reception had improved.





31 months ago
Score 3
"It's a ghost ship, where even the ghosts have left." - ItsAGundam


30 months ago
Score 2
This ain´t awesome game treasure! this is crappy game treasure!


10 months ago
Score 1
So did this game do a 180 like No Man's Sky.


10 months ago
Score 1
It started to improve after the Anniversary update.


10 months ago
Score 2
Arr! We find an awesome treasure game! Aha! Wee found it! *Rips* Ah an! Arr! Noooo! It's a bad game! I need a guud awesome game treasure!! RAAA!


9 months ago
Score 1
I appreciate when companies learn from there mistakes. But like No Man Sky and EA Star wars battlefront 2 it should've been good from the get go. The biggest reason why I hate games as a service.

Grammar guy

8 months ago
Score 0
Isn't this game like the mascot of Game Pass? It just seems that Microsoft shoves this game in your face whenever you think about Game Pass.


5 months ago
Score -5

Got this utter rubbish FREE with my Xbox One S and have never played it and have no desire to ever play it as:

A. It sounds like utter junk

B. I hate First Person Mode games.

It is somewhere in my bedroom still in the cellophane wrapping.

Grammar guy

4 months ago
Score 1
It was free, so it wouldn't hurt to try. You might like it after all!


3 months ago
Score 0
I know its your opinion but why hate first person games? Some games like Modern Warfare 2019, Halo and Half Life are stuff you might want to play

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