Scrabble Go

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Scrabble Go
Scrabble Go.png
The one time the EA version of a game has less micro-transactions.
Genre: Word
Platforms: Android
Release Date: 2020
Developer: Scopely
Publisher: Hasbro
Franchise: Scrabble
Previous Game: Scrabble (EA)

Scrabble Go is a 2020 free-to-play Android and iOS game based on the popular board game, Scrabble. It was developed by Scopely and published by Hasbro. It is a successor to the Scrabble app from 2008 by Electronic Arts.

Why It Sucks

  1. It caused the superior 2008 Scrabble app by EA to have it's servers shut down making it now unplayable.
  2. Speaking of the original EA Scrabble game, the pass-n-play option from the original EA Scrabble app has been removed, which let you do local multi-player just like the real board game.
    • Because of the removal of pass-n-play, you can only play with people you know if they have a smart phone, Facebook and the game downloaded and you must be on at the same time.
  3. You are required to sign into Facebook in order to play with friends online and access most features, which is pretty annoying for people who don't already have Facebook.
    • Most kids 12 and under also won't be able to sign into Facebook since they are not allowed to have Facebook despite the game being rated 9+ on the App Store and E10+ on the Play Store.
    • If you actually do sign-in though, information from your Facebook account can be collected by the game.
  4. Speaking of the EA Scrabble game, it also caused that game to get it's servers shut down making it unplayable now, despite it being an overall better version of the game.
  5. Tons of micro-transactions, mainly, gems, the game's main currency which hardly does anything and is overpriced.
  6. While it's nice that you now get 5 difficulty options when playing against a bot, the difficulty is either too easy or too hard.
  7. You cannot play the game in landscape mode.
  8. Terrible letter algorithm, instead of getting letters of varying values at all times, you only get valuable letters late in the game, which can make it hard to spell the word you want early on.
  9. The online lags a lot for being the main focus for the game.
  10. Boring events.
  11. The game constantly sends you notifications for the events, which is annoying.
  12. The game is horribly optimized, as is a trend with Scopely games, there is lots of lag, despite the fact that it has very simple graphics
  13. Confusing interface.
  14. It records everything you do in the game just to have a better algorithm of choosing difficulty levels in online matches, which isn't even that good.
  15. Unlike some other alternatives there is no option to prevent players from getting hands without vowels or consonants.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Decent enough graphics.
  2. The gameplay itself is still fun, as usual for Scrabble, though the ads and word algorithm can make it hard to enjoy.