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NOTE: Not to be confused with a visual novel game with the same name.

School Days (MDickie)
School Days MDICKIE.jpg
If you end up in this school, you would rather be in virtual classes.
Genre: Adventure
Platforms: Android
Release Date: May 23, 2015
Developer: MDickie
Publisher: MDickie

School Days is a mobile game designed by MDickie in May 23, 2015 for Android and iOS.

Why It Sucks

  1. It is nothing but a reskin of Hard Time, but it's in school.
    • Even the game's description admits it. "The prison from Hard Time has closed down and re-opened as a school"
  2. Despite the game removing weapons, there is still dynamite in the game which would be a reference to the "School Bombings"
  3. Even after 2020, in which the Covid-19 pandemic was started. The game has not been updated to include face masks, and virtual classes. Making this game outdated.
  4. Unoriginal name: The game's name is stolen from another game made in Japan named School Days
  5. Many of the questions the teachers ask you can be known by a child/Googled on the internet easily.
  6. Bugs and glitches, such as riding a skateboard while writing on the board causes your character to glitch out. Sometimes, one of the characters can glitch into the air, and sometimes the game freezes.
  7. No weekends, which is very unrealistic for a game based on schools.
  8. Just like Hard Time, the wanted system seems to work like it wants to. However if you do end up pressing the home button and go back into the game, the alarms will go off.
  9. The principal's office system is just like the court system in Hard Time, but it's worse, you can get in detention until 9 A.M (which is the time that school starts in this game), get suspended for 1 week, and end up losing grades. If you graduated already and end up there, you have to take school again. That does not make any sense, since if you graduated you cannot take school again unless you are in college.
  10. One of the music tracks, when you graduate or spend $1 on the jukebox in the game is stolen from a different music artist and MDickie didn't credit the original artist of the song.
  11. Some classes require you to do these things.
    • Bringing an item required for a class, for example in cookery you need to bring in food, if you don't you fail. Even if you brought it to class, sometimes they can steal it from you and the teacher can result in giving you a bad grade.
    • In Gym, sometimes you have to attack the teacher or a student for training. This is nonsense since after the class is over, you can end up in the principal's office for assault.
    • Answering questions, like usual since many of the answers can be found on the internet. It can end up being easy.
  12. You need to buy the Private edition to create your own character.
    • If you don't buy the Private edition, your character may end up deleting at random, if you get expelled it's game over, and sometimes the game ends randomly if you are not on the internet to watch ads.
    • However you can bypass this by using the wardrobe.
    • You also need to get Private edition, just to get rid of the School Uniforms.
  13. Unlike Hard Time, if your health is all the way up, your character instantly wakes up, meaning you cannot sleep in.
  14. Newer versions of the game suffer from frame-rate issues.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The game can be considered fun for some players.
  2. You can write on the board by using a keyboard.
  3. There is a lot more stuff to do than Hard Time, now you can use your virtual money to buy stuff in the stores in the game.
  4. If this game didn't exist, Vinesauce wouldn't be popular for these videos.




3 months ago
Score 1
If you just don't care about how bad the game is, it's actually addictive and fun. But that sanity meter is driving me crazy!

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