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Santa Claus Jr. Advance

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Santa Claus Jr. Advance
"I NEED A MONSTUH TO CLOBBAH DIS DERE GAME!!!" No, seriously, avoid this game at all costs.
Genre(s): Platformer
Platform(s): Game Boy Advance
Release: November 1, 2002
Developer(s): NEON Software
Publisher(s): JoWooD Entertainment
Country: Germany
Series: Santa Claus Jr.

Santa Claus Jr. Advance is a 2002 platforming game developed by NEON Software and published by JoWooD Entertainment for the Game Boy Advance.

Why It Sucks

  1. This game suffers from clunky controls, rendering the playable character unable to move at times.
  2. The graphics look ugly, even for 2002 standards for the Game Boy Advance.
  3. Laughable cutscenes.
  4. The character models for this game makes THQ games look awkward by comparison, especially for the characters themselves.
  5. The enemies for this game look very weird and ugly. They even look like they came straight out of another bad GBA title or a game like Santa Claus Saves the Earth.
  6. The music in this game is so awful, as it's so loud, that it makes Santa Claus saves the Earth's music sound like a masterpiece.



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