Samurai Deeper Kyo (GBA)

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Samurai Deeper Kyo is a 2002 video game developed by Natsume Dream Creator and published by Marvelous Interactive in December 2002 in Japan for Game Boy Advance and released by Bold Games in February 2008 in USA as the last Game Boy Advance game.

Why it Sucks

  1. Horrendous voice acting in the Japanese version.
  2. Yuya and Yukimira are very weak characters.
  3. Mibu Kyoshiro is an unplayable character.
  4. Dull gameplay.
  5. Horrible graphics.
  6. Poor AI like in Shawn Palmer's Pro Snowboarding and Power Rangers - Wild Force.
  7. Impossible jump button like in Jurassic Park for NES.
  8. In the Japanese version, a bug can occur where the first boss (Jimon) becomes invincible.
  9. Kamikadze Ninyo is an incredibly annoying enemy.
  10. All characters had only one weapon and one life.
  11. The English version was released in February 2008 nearly 4 years after the DS was in the market, so even though the English version fixes and improves stuff from the original why this late in the life span!

Redeming Qualities

  1. In the American version voice acting is better and all bugs is fixed.
  2. Awesome theme song in opening.
  3. Awesome soundtrack by Iku Mizutani.
  4. Badass sound effects.
  5. Decent controls.
  6. Game follows the manga of the same name.