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Hacking in Splatoon is a big no-no.

Samuel Bessega Switch is a YouTuber that joined on August 8th, 2018.

Why He Sucks

  1. He likes to milk his modding videos for easy ad revenue.
  2. When he uploaded a video showcasing a Mario Kart 8 9000cc hack, he didn't credit the creator of the CFW he was using, making him a mod thief.
  3. Back then, he used the FTW (FTW is something hackers use simply just to win) hack all the time, that was one of the very reasons why people started to hate him. He would go around and do that in any game you can think of. This was why he was kicked out of USB a long time ago. He claims he stopped FTW hacking but he still uses it. He denies that he uses FTW hacks, but people have caught him using it.
  4. He can't take criticism as he deletes comments that call him out and disable ratings. On rare instances, if someone makes a video on him, he would send dislike bots to dislike that video. He would say that his fans care about him.
  5. He gets tons of likes even for showing the littlest details which can prove he's using like bots.
  6. His fans defend him whenever someone calls him out, they think that he's the best hacker when he never created codes before.
  7. He created a Patreon to put all of his mods that he didn't make.
  8. When his Switch got banned from using the Internet, he carelessly threw the switch into a trash can and immediately bought another one to replace it, keep in mind that it would damage or potentially brick the system that he threw inside the trash, which is a waste of money.
  9. Whenever he gets terminated from YouTube, he makes another account to evade that ban
  10. He likes to abuse the powers of owning a hacked Switch just to do bad things, such as pirating unreleased games such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This is both unethical and illegal.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He let his viewers win Salmon Run matches
  2. Some of the hacks he showcased are pretty cool

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