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Samael the Legacy of Ophiuchus

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Samael the Legacy of Ophiuchus
Samael itself would want to cast this game into Hell.
Genre(s): Hack and slash
Platform(s): PlayStation 4
Release: January 8, 2019
Developer(s): Gilson B. Pontes
Publisher(s): LGS Production
Series: Samael
Predecessor: Sword of Fortress the Onomuzim
Successor: Shadow the Ronin: The Revenge to the Samurai

"This isn't hard, this isn't difficult. It's just meandering to a vaseline-covered, shitty little monster, to be killed in one hit, and then start again. [...] That's a mess. What you've made is a fucking mess and you're marketing it as hard. [...] Fuck you, go get fucked and fuck off while you're doing it!"
Jim Sterling
"You know what? I think we found the Tommy Wiseau of video games. Contentious titles, useless writing, bad acting, objectively terrible production, and with a million credits all going to the same person. Gilson B. Pontes is the Tommy Wiseau of the PS4."

Samael the Legacy of Ophiuchus is a hack and slash game released for the PlayStation 4 in 2019, developed by Gilson B. Pontes and published by Lightning Game Studios Productions. It is Pontes' third game on the PlayStation 4, after 2017's Spear of Destiny the Kaiseki, and 2018's Sword of Fortress the Onomuzim. It was eventually re-released as part of Pontes' Epic Ultimate Bundle, and was followed by Shadow the Ronin: Revenge to the Samurai in 2020.

Why It Sucks

  1. The game somehow manages to be even more barren than the previous two games (which is quite an accomplishment). Whereas Spear of Destiny and Sword of Fortress still had collectable items and a few buildings, Samael has nothing, instead taking place in an endless stretch of forest.
  2. The gameplay is ripped straight from the previous two games, with no much-needed improvements. If anything, the gameplay got even worse.
  3. A dragon is added, to help you traverse the map. However, the dragon can barely hover a few meters from the ground, and doesn't have any kind of attack. The only reason the dragon is worth using is because riding it makes all enemies disappear, which is the only way to survive against enemies. Speaking of which...
  4. The enemies are just as unforgiving as Spear of Destiny, inflicting large amounts of damage you can't reliably avoid or mitigate. Not having health pickups (something which even Spear of Destiny had) doesn't help, either.
  5. Just like Spear of Destiny and Sword of Fortress, the game has a stamina mechanic to limit your moves. However, there is no stamina meter (again, something both Spear of Destiny and Sword of Fortress had), nor there is any way of verifying how much stamina you have remaining. The only cue you have is a slight vibration of the controller when you run out of stamina, which isn't much.
  6. The dodge roll slows time when you use it, which can be confusing, especially in the heat of battle.
  7. Blocking breaks the game in half. If you hold the block button for an entire fight, you will become invincible. You can also attack and move while holding the block button, so you can always win a battle just by pressing this "win" button.
  8. The game has a day/night cycle. This would be good per se, however, because of the utter lack of sources of illumination (aside from Samael's sword and scabbard, which somehow both light on fire at night), playing at night is even more tedious.
  9. The game costed $20.00 upon release, and $60.00 when included in the "Epic Ultimate Bundle".
  10. There are only three types of trees in the whole forest the game takes place in. This makes things even more repetitive than they wouldn't normally be.
  11. The game is just as pretentious as Gilson B. Pontes' other games. You still have to sit through a whole minute of Pontes crediting himself for the game, and the game is as fond of using ancient-sounding words with no actual meaning as Sword of Fortress is.
    • The Hebrew writings in the opening are spelled from left to right (it should be right to left), which means that the words are spelled backwards.
      • Speaking of which, the grammar is as bad as Pontes' other games.
  12. The game has no pause menu, meaning that if you get stuck with no way to proceed forward (which will happen a lot, due to the total lack of directions), you need to quit and restart from scratch every time.



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