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Sad Satan
Well, at least the title doesn't mislead you with what's to come.
Genre(s): Survival horror
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: June 15, 2015
Engine: Terror Engine
Publisher(s): ZK
Country: Unknown

Sad Satan is a horror game released in 2015 for Microsoft Windows. It was first reported on the YouTube channel Obscure Horror Corner, and the channel's owner claimed that he had downloaded it on the Dark Web.

Currently, the origins of the game remain unknown. Some speculate that a Dark Web user by the name of "ZK" developed the game, others speculate that Obscure Horror Corner and ZK are one and the same, but there has been no concrete answer.

Why It Makes Satan Sad

  1. It doesn't even qualify as a video game. It is just a walking simulator with shock elements added. While Demonophobia was in done in 2D (meaning that the creator didn't use actual footage of human suffering), Sad Satan has real footage of grotesque imagery.
  2. The "game" is just walking through monochrome corridors, hearing distorted audios from real-world serial killers, and seeing some real pop-up photos of child abuse, gore, murder, rape and other horrific acts.
  3. The ending of the game is anti-climactic. There are some idle children in the corridors, and eventually, one of them will attack and kill the protagonist, effectively finishing the game for good.
  4. To make matters worse, someone claiming to be its developer released a version of the game on 4chan, saying it was a "full uncensored version" of the original one shared by Obscure Horror Corner, but this version is riddled with malware and malicious computer viruses. Numerous users had their computers becoming unresponsive or not booting correctly after trying to execute the "full version" of the game.
  5. It is illegal to possess in certain regions, which means if you live in these regions, you can get arrested just for playing this game.
  6. The entire game is completely disturbing, by potraying too extremely footage of gory and grotesque images of murdered children and horrific sounds, what is really not situable for scaredy people or children.
  7. The gameplay is confusing. By being an maze, you don't know what is the right way to "progress", being more confusing like other games like Resident Evil Outbreak (who have scenarios what you will take much time in solve), but even worse.
  8. In the main menu, if you click in "How to Play", one of the gory images will appear.


  • Many have theorized that the main theme of the game is child abuse. But due to the ambiguity of the game, whether child abuse is the theme or something else entirely, is unknown.
  • While the developer of the original game remains unknown, many have assumed that Gary Graves, a man from Lubbock, Texas, is the developer of the 'clone' game. This is due to his YouTube channel, Scarebere, being traced back to his Reddit account created four days before the 'clone' link was posted to 4chan, and being arrested on counts of possession of child pornography. [1]



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