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Sacred 3

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Sacred 3
This game is NOT sacred! (no pun intended)
Genre(s): Action
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Xbox 360
PlayStation 3
Release: NA: August 5, 2014
EU: August 1, 2014
Developer(s): Keen Games
Publisher(s): Deep Silver
Series: Sacred
Predecessor: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

Sacred 3 is hack-and-slash Windows game by Koch Media and Deep Silver.


The game is divided by missions. On those that belong to the main quest you just run, kill everyone, you meet with and defeat the boss at the end. On side missions, you are usually forced to fight against enemy waves or to run to a chest with treasure to open it.

Why It Sucks

  1. False advertising: Despite all of the things that they said later, players were not told that this game that the latter would have been completely different from the first two parts. They told instead that S3 will be similar to Sacred 1/2. Many players spent their money on pre-ordering that game, actually waiting for something like Sacred 1/2. But Sacred 3 lacks nearly all that was in S1/2.
  2. Overpriced. While Sacred 3 is completely beatable under 15 hours (with all missions and DLCs), it originally costed $29.99. While it might be tolerable for a game that came out in 2014, you literally don't have anything to do after completing the game except playing in multiplayer mode!
  3. Poor dialogue, story, and actions. This game is fulfilled by toilet jokes that are not funny at all. Evil characters are so wannabe that you cannot trust them at all. Even as self-parody game, Sacred 3 fails to implement that concept.
  4. Even though in game trailer Seraphim and Malakhim characters both were able to fly, in the actual game you cannot do it at all, despite the fact that they have wings! Even worse, the narrator says on level 3, "Can you just fly on that building? No, you can't, I'm just kidding", even if you picked one of those characters.
  5. Very boring and repetitive gameplay. Most of the missions are so similar to each other that the first four levels already allow you to experience the full game.
  6. Music that you can't remember, even though it fits the gameplay.
  7. The infamous bug while loading the game: if you press the Escape button just to get to the game menu, the game closes without any warning. They forgot to turn off this function before loading the menu, where you are actually supposed to exit while pressing that button, so the necessary sign appears. Is it even worth to say they never fixed it?
  8. 25 GB of HD are needed for the game. In comparison, Sacred 2 was far bigger, required only 14 GB and the graphics were better.
  9. If you play using mouse and keyboard and decide to pick anyone but Khukuri archer, prepare to click for every attack! Yes, you will have to press the left mouse button as many times as many stokes are needed to kill the enemy. It feels like a QTE game. Also, Ork and Safiri are very slow while using their two-handed weapons in comparison with other characters. For Sacred 1/2 it was enough to keep the button pressed, not to press it about four times in one second! So if you worry about your wrist, just pick the Archer.
  10. The map of Sacred 3 is filled with places named after places in Sacred 1/2, but neither the continent or place have anything to do with places in Sacred 1/2. It's a cheap try to play on fans' nostalgia feelings.
  11. Almost non-existing lore, even though it was one of the main things that made the Sacred series unique. There are no relations with the lore in Sacred 1/2, save for the things mentioned in the previous paragraph.
  12. You are not allowed to pause your game. You also cannot prevent other players from getting into your game and creating multiplayer without your will. Actually, it's still multiplayer mode with only one player!
  13. Very illogical gameplay. While playing as Ancarian, you use your spear as cutting weapon!
  14. Terrible art design, especially when talking about characters like Seraphim, who looks like a Korean girl without any reason. It feels so cartoonish compared to the art style of the first two games and looks like it was intended to be a mobile game, not meant for PC.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Multiplayer mode really helps to get over all the stupidity in that game.
  2. At least it doesn't have bugs that may prevent you from completing missions and even main quest, while Sacred 1/2 have.


Sacred 3 got very negative reviews from the players, for example, its current score in Steam is 22/100. Even though the game was not Ascaron's fault, many fans considered it as a betrayal from the developers so they decided its time to quit waiting for anything good in that franchise.

Sacred 3 caused Deep Silver to get into many financial troubles, ultimately leading to their selling to THQ Nordic in 14th of February 2018.


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