SJWs and Feminazis force Pillars of Eternity 2 writer to resign

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Pillars of Eternity 2 is an upcoming game and the sequel to the Kickstarter game, Pillars of Eternity. One of the game's writers is a man by the name of Casey Hollingshead.

Casey is a writer who is very highly critical of SJWs and third wave feminists (feminazis). A social justice group on Reddit called GamerGhazi tracked down most of his posts online and catalogued them.

Casey under the alias "sser" criticized the fraud Anita Sarkeesian for feigning interest in video games to push social justice ideology and called Zoe Quinn a sociopath. He was also very critical of SJWs in the game industry for shoehorning their ideology into games and even countered the objectification of women in games by mentioning how the double standards when men are made shirtless or muscular.

He was also that while not all Muslims were terrorists, almost every terrorist attack made in Europe was was likely done by a Muslim. Though seemingly offensive, his statement is backed up by data.

For some reason the SJWs also took offense to a review he made about a bad game where he quoted, "The amount of levelups in this storyline is just insane. It’s like a poker game where all the chips are on the table, but people keep piling their car keys and watches, and soon enough it’s like fucking bonds and secret sex tapes and somebody’s bringing out the gimp.

Once the SJWs outed him, Casey was forced to turn in his resignation to his employer, much to the delight of the SJWs who wanted him fired.


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