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The horror version of Chicken Shoot (and even worse).
Genre: Shooter
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Release Date: September 3, 2003
Developer: TMReality
Publisher: Play Publishing
Made in: Poland

Rzeźnik (English: Butcher) is a 2003 shooter game developed by TMReality and published by Play Publishing only in Poland.

Why It Sucks

  1. The game itself is incredibly boring. You are shooting at the coming hordes of monsters. Basically, it is another bad Duck Hunt clone.
  2. False advertising:
    • The main character from the main menu isn't like the one from cover art.
    • In gameplay, you won't see the hero either from the cover or from the main menu.
    • It offers ten types of monsters, where there are actually five of them, and the other five are an exact copy of the previous ones, only with different colors.
  3. The main menu looks horrible. It offers a hideous font from cooltext.com or Microsoft Office Word, mouse cursor as a pistol, and cheaply pasted (transparent) weapons models.
    • The options only allow you to change the sound volume, music and change the mouse sensivity.
  4. The grammar errors and typos: When you want to see keyboardology in "Pomoc" (ENG: Help), it writes "Shit", instead of "Shift" in some option, and when you want to see all weapons, the one is called "Pisotolet" (ENG: "Pisotol") instead of "Pistolet" (ENG: "Pistol").
  5. Returning to the weapons, these are only named as the type of weapons, instead of the exact name of the weapon.
  6. The game cover is weird. The cover shows a guy with an idiotic smile; The "Rzeźnik" logos are displayed twice (on the forehead of the pseudo-protagonist and on the bottom right corner with the annotation "PRZYJDZIE PO CIEBIE" (ENG: "COMES TO YOU")).
  7. The weapons are usuless. Each takes almost the same pathetic damage. There is no difference between a pistol and a rifle. Weapons change only with the speed of projectile spitting. The only useful weapon is a mechanic saw, which you get at the beginning of gameplay.
  8. The story is as interesting as from The Room. One day, planet called Earth, was mastered by aliens and you must stop newcomers from an another planet. You learn the story line from the boards during loading screens and the intro, which looks like it has been passed through a mangle and covered with sulfuric acid.
  9. The mouse controls are slippery, even if it is set to low sensitivity. The shoot button hangs very often. After a long series, you can take your finger off the button, and the game will still think that you have laid a brick on the mouse and will not stop shooting until you click this button again. And regardless of your mouse.
  10. Terrible graphics. The water looks horrible. The monsters are so terribly modeled that it makes that they want to escape from this game, being almost invisible. Terribly low quality backgrounds. And the special effects look like they were made in Microsoft Paint.
  11. Audio is so embarrassing that they make you want to jump out of the window. The music is a cacophony show, an annoying sounds of the main character, sounds of weapons reminiscent of hitting a piece of meat.
  12. Unlike shooter Moorhuhn games, the game is not free. It costed 11,90 PLN (2.67€; 3.014$) when the game came out. Despite the low price, the game is still not worth that much.


Rzeźnik received negative reviews. On GRYOnline.pl, it received a 2.1/10 rating from users.





7 months ago
Score 2
This article is funny for me XD


7 months ago
Score 3
It's nice that someone appreciates articles that have comedy elements, just like an episodes from The Angry Video Game Nerd series or the Polish "Najgorsze Gry Wszechczasów" (Worst Games of All Time). Such articles with a dose of humor should arise more often, because it partly laughs at a bad game!


3 months ago
Score 0
Oh, and the reason why it's funny for me is because of WIS#4


6 months ago
Score 2

Pretty much PlayWay had a crappy past only in Poland before they went international or worldwide by publishing foreign titles now.

Rzeźnik is a good example for a crappy game developed and published in Poland.


5 months ago
Score 2
The cover looks like a character of a bizarre SFM animation.

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