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Rugrats: Totally Angelica

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Rugrats: Totally Angelica

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"You stupid babies!"
Genre(s): Action
Platform(s): PlayStation
Game Boy Color
Release: Game Boy Color: May 5, 2000
PlayStation: April 13, 2001
Developer(s): Art Co., Ltd
Publisher(s): THQ
Series: Rugrats

Rugrats: Totally Angelica is an action game based on the 1991 television series Rugrats, more specifically the toy line of the same name. It was developed by Art Co., Ltd and published by THQ for the Game Boy Color, PlayStation, and PC. The GBC version was released in 2000, while the PlayStation version was published one year later.


The game starts off with Angelica Pickles becoming the proud owner of a brand new "Cynthia Dream Mall Fashion Show Queen" set. She tries to open the box, but gives up and she angrily tramples, kicks, and jumps on it. When the box finally opens, Angelica is shocked to see the playset is broken. She then decides to be the star of her own fashion show, which all takes place in her imagination.

Why It Totally Sucks

  1. Angelica is a very unlikable character, because she is obnoxious and loud, both in the original TV series (where she usually served as the antagonist), and in the PS1 version of the game, which starts with a cutscene of her throwing a temper tantrum because she can't open a box. It wasn't a good idea to make a toy line or game about Angelica.
  2. Boring and tedious mini-games. Fluffy's Pinball Maze is the worst out of these, always taking at least three minutes to complete and almost immediately becomes tedious and boring, not helped by the fact this mini-game appears in all of the stages of the game with no changes.
  3. The mini-games use only one or two buttons at most, or just the D-Pad.
  4. Every mini-game has to be repeated about five times to get all the clothing items related to it. Also you are forced to replay the mini-games after going to the fashion show.
  5. When you go to the fashion show, there is no guide of sorts on how to dress up Angelica, often resulting in poor scores.
    • The cherry on the cake is that if you have Angelica go out in her normal outfit, all the judges will give her a 0 score. This makes sense since Angelica is the main antagonist of the entire TV series, as well as for gameplay reasons.
    • Not only that, you can replay the fashion show with the exact same look over and over and still accumulate points, making the game extremely easy yet tedious.
  6. Crappy graphics, even for PlayStation standards. Even the Game Boy Color version looked better.
  7. Very long loading screens. Even the Game Boy Color version didn't have this problem.
  8. Instead of using save RAM and a battery to save progress, which the game does not have, the Game Boy Color version uses a horrible password system which generates extremely long and convoluted passwords of potentially up to 72 characters, and it not only uses letters, but symbols as well, plus some of the characters in the password are also encased in a box, meaning that you must press the hollow box button in the menu to create that character in the box.
  9. The Game Boy Color version has an infrared trading system for trading clothes, but due to the aforementioned password system for saving progress the trading system is nearly useless.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The PC version of this game, titled Rugrats: Totally Angelica Boredom Buster is much better than the PS1 and GBC versions.



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