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Roll & Rocker

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Roll & Rocker
Proudly presented by LJN: The Roll and Rocker, the piece of plastic that can't do anything!
Developer: LJN
Release Date: 1989
Generation: Third Generation

The Roll & Rocker was an accessory made by the notorious LJN toy company and made for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was used by standing on top of the thing and shifting a person's weight to act as the D-pad. Also you can plug in the NES controller to use the "A" and "B" buttons and Start and Select.

Why It Didn't Rock and Roll

  1. It barely works and is considered just a piece of plastic. It's also been stated you can't weigh more than a hundred pounds for it to work. Even LJN games won't work properly for the accessory.
  2. Even if the device worked, having to hold and using a normal controller with its own D-Pad makes it almost redundant and making the accessory nearly useless.
  3. The NES games that actually worked had bad reactions, varied by games.
    • To quote the Angry Video Game Nerd: "Adventure Island keeps walking right, Excitebike keeps going down, Skate or Die goes in circles, Kung Fu ducks to the right, Metal Gear does nothing at all, Ninja Turtles III walks in place, and 1943 just fidgets around a lot."
    • Plus, Beetlejuice, which is an LJN title, just moves left.
  4. LJN out of all people were the ones who made this accessory, only for it to achieve absolutely nothing, but waste your money on a piece of plastic that can't do anything.
  5. No games got made for it. The Power Glove, on the other hand, actually got games that utilize the controller (while it still had motion problems).


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