Rockman X3 (Genesis)

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Rockman X3
Rocketmanx3 genesis.png
Yay, looks like we got Mega Man X3 on the Sega Genesis, but failed.
Genre: Action
Platforms: Sega Genesis
Release Date: Unknown
Developer: Unknown
Publisher: Gamtec
Franchise: Mega Man/Rockman
Previous Game: Mega Man X2
Next Game: Mega Man X4

Rockman X3, known as Mega Man X3 outside of Japan, was a 1995 Super Nintendo title, and was the third installment in the Mega Man X series of games, which itself is a part of the Mega Man series. While the original SNES title was praised, an unofficial Sega Genesis (Based on the Saturn version) port of the game, one not licensed by Capcom, surfaced some time ago.

Why It Sucks

  1. This port looks unfinished, probably shipped out (un)intentionlly. Sounds familiar?
  2. The controls are worse than the original because they are delayed and sometimes do not respond properly.
  3. You start off with all the armor pieces, taking the whole challenge of a Mega Man X game and throwing it away.
  4. The music is awful, as you would expect from a bootleg.
  5. There's a hideous border that obstructs the left and right sides of the screen.
  6. X's air dash is finicky and works nothing like X3's air dash. X can do infinite vertical air dashes, but he can only do one horizontal air dash per jump. X can also air dash after a dash jump, which is normally only possible with the Gold Armor.
  7. When you start this bootleg, you are thrusted into the level select screen instead of the intro stage, which you must select by choosing the "X" icon in the stage select.
  8. Charged shots don't pierce through projectiles and enemies that they defeat, effectively rendering them useless.
  9. There's a ton of sprite flickering, making it hard to see what's going on at times.
  10. The screen transitions are awkward and may cause the player to run into enemies that they should otherwise dodge without too many problems.
  11. When X gets hit while doing a vertical air dash, he will freeze in mid-air until he does another vertical air dash.
  12. This game does not have Zero, Sigma, Vile, the Nightmare Police, Dr. Doppler, Toxic Seahorse, Blast Hornet, Special Weapons, Sub Tanks or Ride Armors.
  13. Because there are no Ride Armors or Special Weapons, objects that can be broken using these weapons are also missing.
  14. The game freezes if you pick up a Heart Tank with full HP.
  15. If the icon representing Doppler Fortress from the original X3 is selected, you will not be taken to a Doppler Fortress level. You will instead go to a modified version of Volt Catfish's stage with different enemies and a battle with Tunnel Rhino.
  16. The intro stage boss, a giant mechaniloid, is replaced with Blizzard Buffalo.
  17. The bosses in this bootleg are much weaker because they deal pitiful damage, are sluggish and lack invincibility frames.
  18. Bosses are missing several attacks, such as Blizzard Buffalo's ice beam and Volt Catfish's lightning shield.
  19. Several stage mechanics such as Blizzard Buffalo's icy floors and Volt Catfish's electric walls are not implemented.
  20. Unlike the original X3, stages do not change when you beat other stages.
  21. The sprite for X's Armor is the First Armor from Mega Man X instead of the Third Armor from Mega Man X3.
  22. The only songs in this game are terrible renditions of Zero's theme from MMX3, Gravity Beetle, Blizzard Buffalo, Doppler Stage 1, Dr. Cain's Lab and the password theme. Unlike the password theme, the former 5 songs are not assigned to specific stages and are instead randomly generated.
  23. There are no checkpoints, and if you die, you go to the password screen, then you must pick a stage and then you have to play the entire stage without dying once. Given the terrible controls, players will easily fall into spikes and bottomless pits, which will trap them in this loop for a while.
  24. The background graphics in Neon Tiger's and to a lesser extent Gravity Beetle's levels are severely glitched, and can sometimes disappear.
  25. Horrible slow-down in places. It's thought that the bootleg was reverse-engineered from the Genesis compilation game Mega Man: The Wily Wars, which was already notorious for performance problems, so it's no surprise that this runs even worse.

The One Redeeming Quality

  1. The graphics almost look as good as they did in the original, with some minor exceptions.


  • TiagoSC created a demo shows that Sega Genesis can run a Mega Man X game smoothly, and is sightly better than this horrible port.

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