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Roblox clone websites
Just because Roblox removed many of the features of the website, doesn't mean that you have to make money off of Roblox's old clients or rip them off.
Genre: Building
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Release Date: 2012 - Present

Roblox clone websites are websites that rip off Roblox. A lot of them were created in 2012, mostly from Isaac Hymer. They are meant to be similar to the older Roblox game clients, specifically from 2010-2011.

Why They Suck

  1. They usually ripoff items and assets from Roblox and sometimes other games in which is illegal for them to do since they may get sued for it.
    • When Brick Hill ripped off Roblox's Blue Bubble Trouble in 2018, Space lied to people and said he never knew what it is, yet it clearly looks similar to it.
    • Brick Hill later added a item named Impostor Head in 2021, and the description says "There is one Robloxian among us." meaning they know they ripped off Roblox.[1]
  2. Bad moderation, mostly filled with minors lying about their age just to get the rank, and many NSFW content get accepted and never banned. Despite these websites usually having minors on there. And many of them ban users without warning or explaining what they did to get banned and remove the player's username despite it not being inappropriate.[2]
    • One of the moderators on Brick Hill named spookyasin admitted to be underaged since he is 14, despite Brick Hill saying you need to be 16+ to apply to be a moderator, when he got caught by a user. He banned him without warning, and never explained how he got banned. [3]
    • After Brick Hill's CEO Brick-Luke died, many of the items that harass him have not been deleted, despite them disrespect towards him. They’re literally spitting on his grave.
    • Goodblox's Moderators admitted to scamming their users.[4]
    • Inappropriate Avatars are also common, such as Nazis, the KKK, and Naked Avatars.
  3. These clones are usually filled with microtransactions.
    • They also copy Roblox's Membership Builder's Club, a another feature that was revamped to Premium by Roblox.
  4. Many of them lack a game client, and they are very boring as all you do is forum.
    • Some of the clients are also poorly made and also poorly optimized as well.
  5. Some of these Roblox clones have viruses in them.
    • Finobe: The anti cheat, is the Memz Trojan that would overwrite the Boot Record. Due to many complaints the anti cheat was removed.
    • Cubash: Back when it was Graphictoria, it's client would ask the user to allow the firewall. If they clicked allow, their IP Address would be taken to a private Discord server so the creator of the game would DDOS them, however disabling it the client will still work fine.
    • Many of the clients hosted on these sites, have IP Grabbers.
  6. Terrible communities, that have racists, child predators, and many criminals on the website.
    • They also make fake/throwaway accounts just to boost the player count, notably Brick Hill has over 422,000 Inactive accounts and they do not delete them.
    • Even the CEO of Brick Hill spacebuilder is getting doxxed by his own community, just because of hosting a Roblox Clone Website.
  7. Some CEOs are usually doing this just for money, and they don't last long. And many of them are scams.
  8. Many of the websites require you to verify your email and join their Discord Server. Just to play the game.
  9. Many of these websites, also copy the layout of the Roblox Website.
  10. Many of them are hosted on CloudFlare which is very unstable and can lead to crashes.[5]
    • Due to their poor coding, they will also lead to a HTTP Error 500, 504 Gateway Error, and the 502 Error.
  11. Many of the names are generic, some just have the words Brick, Block, Blox, with a good word in their name.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some developers, at least don't add microtransactions on them. Since making money off of them is illegal.
  2. Many of them restore the old classic Roblox clients, in which many new players can enjoy to go back in time.
  3. Brick Hill's client, while terrible, was still somehow made using Game Maker, which is rather impressive for its 3D graphics and online multiplayer.


  • Brick Hill (Formerly known as Role Block)
  • BrickPlanet (Formerly known as BloxCity, World2Build, and Social-Paradise)
  • Cubash (Formerly known as Graphictoria)
  • Finobe (Somewhat of a clone, but it does have microtransactions too)
  • BlocksHub (Formerly known as Hindi Gamer Club)
  • Mopaiv
  • Dynamica
  • GoodBlox
  • Polytoria
  • Blocks-Land


Many of these sites usually get positive feedback from users. Although some of them are negatively criticized for having malware in their clients, having poor moderation, and being hosted on Cloudflare which is very unstable and hard to use.




18 months ago
Score 7
We might find some more of them soon


8 months ago
Score 3
Is Finobe a Roblox clone with malware?


8 months ago
Score 3


7 months ago
Score 1
Show me a example of a Roblox clone without malware, sir.


7 months ago
Score 2
  • cubash (although tbf the client isn't publicly availible so you couldn't get the nonexistent malware even if you tried)
  • finobe
  • brickplanet (back when it EXISTED)
  • brick hill
  • blockshub


5 months ago
Score 1
add "Polytoria/Superium" to the list


4 months ago
Score 1
Briefly I used to be an user at Brick Hill but the Roblox Studio wannabe is hard to use.

Mister BEAN

2 months ago
Score 1
how about i heard of it never tried it out but they say its a roblox clone


2 months ago
Score 1
Is my taste that bad? I play literally ALL of them


2 months ago
Score 1
not really, but many of them are not recommended to play since some of them can steal your password and hack your accounts or steal your IP

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