Road Rage (2017)

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Not to be confused with The Simpsons: Road Rage, a 2001 television-based game published by Electronic Arts.

Road Rage
The 8th gen version of Ride to Hell: Retribution, presented by the same developer who nearly destroyed the FlatOut franchise.
Genre: Vehicular Combat
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Release Date: November 14, 2017
Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Developer: Team6 Game Studios
Publisher: Maximum Games
Made in: The Netherlands

Road Rage is a vehicular combat racing game released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows on November 14, 2017. Developed by Team6 Game Studios and published by Maximum Games. It serves as the spiritual successor to Road Rash.

Why It Sucks

  1. Linear environments: the so-called "open world" is poorly done, since you must select your mission on screen and the game won't give you any chance to explore whatsoever.
  2. Repetitive missions with little variety between each mission.
  3. Awful graphics, with lots of pop in, despite running on Unreal Engine 4.
  4. Horrible driving physics, as you'll never crash or flip even when you're doing wheelie. Basically, driving on two-wheels or one-wheel feel the same.
  5. Many obstacles that block your way will randomly make your bike explode; your bike won't explode when hitting the wall but it will explode when hitting the paper crates.
  6. Generic gameplay that tries to poorly rip off Road Rash, and fails.
  7. Stock, lazy and repetitive music.
  8. Awful collision detection, especially on the bikes.
  9. The story is poorly written and is nothing but a cliche "society has collapsed" situation.
  10. Terrible voice acting, especially for the narrator.
  11. Lots of glitches. You can suddenly die at complete random, fall through the terrain, go through objects, and the game can crash. The game can actually crash the entire console where you need to do a hard reboot to resume playing.
  12. This game, despite its terrible quality, costs $29.99.


The game has received generally negative reviews.

The game was number one in Angry Joe's top 10 worst video games of 2017, and number five in Cornshaq's 10 WORST GAMES OF 2017 list.





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Road Redemption is better than this piece of crap.

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