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Road Bustle

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Road Bustle
We would like to apologize to My Name is Mayo. We're sorry. We thought that you,were an awful trophy farm for people,but after seeing this,THIS JUST TAKES THE CAKE!
Genre(s): Action
Platform(s): PlayStation 4
Release: NA: August 22, 2020
EU/AU: August 28, 2020
Developer(s): RandomSpin Games
Publisher(s): RandomSpin Games

Road Bustle is an action game released for the PlayStation 4 via PlayStation Store. Developed and published by RandomSpin Games. It was released on August 22, 2020 in North America, and August 28, 2020 in Europe and Australia.


Try deliver the package, although you are unlikely to succeed. Do not get hit by a car or train. Use the transport along the way.

Why It Loses the Road

  1. This is another game like My Name is Mayo and Orc Slayer, that was only created as a farm of banal trophies. It's a common trend for developers which they almost don't use any budget, both on PlayStation Store and Steam.
  2. Incredibly ugly cover art that causes eye-bleeding. The cover presentation is reminiscent of elementary school child's design level on which a Comic Sans-like font is applied and a screenshot from the game.
  3. The game, although released in 2020 for the PlayStation 4, the graphic presentation is at an amazingly inept level, causing tearing from the eyes due to such embarrassment. The low-budget of the game is visible in every way, which is not surprising for the price of the game. The art style resembles a not-so-good Dreams project or a typical Roblox game. It is worth mentioning that even the games released on the Sega 32X and 3DO are more bearable on the eye that this game.
  4. The menu and HUD look extremely amateurish. The game HUD uses the same ugly font as used for the logo, only in a white color. The menu itself, both the main menu and at the end of the round, looks like they have been taken from a typical lazily-done modern mobile game.
  5. The music, although catchy, imitating the golden age of hip-hop or old raps, the developers of this game stole the songs, which shows how incredibly lazy they are. The authors of these tracks themselves had nothing to do with it, not being even aware of the existence of the game.
  6. The gameplay is dry, soulless, and devoid of ambition as possible. Basically, all you do is move forward and earn as many points as possible. The description mentions that you need to deliver the package, but in reality it absolutely doesn't matter and you don't even do it, indicating a false advertising. Even mobile games like Subway Surfers offer better gameplay and content than this excuse of a game.
  7. Character controls are quite monotonous, mainly due to how slow the character walks, which makes the game more boring than expected.
  8. The level design is terrible, mainly due to its poor content. It looks like a desolation, which in this place were randomly selected objects, like buildings and trees, railroads, and roads every few meters.
  9. The animations are terribly stiff and devoid of realism, which can be noticeable when running.
  10. The bird's eye view camera is almost pointless because in some situations buildings and trees obstruct the nearest road where vehicles may be lurking.
  11. The game can be illogical in a situation where vehicles such as trains and cars disappear and reappear a few meters in front of or behind the subway or mountain.
  12. The trophy is embarrassingly easy to receive. To receive them, you must collect as many points as possible. Funnily enough, the points after losing the round, they don't restart at all, and the script of this game is so inept that you can earn points by constantly standing up (with moving) to the wall of the building, only when you are running forward.
  13. Non-existent replay value. Not only is the game not free at all, but also the gameplay is worse than in any mobile game.
  14. The price of the game, although extremely cheap by today's standards, is too high for a game that looks like a bad free mobile game. This game absolutely does not deserve a single cent for the developer's lying in the description and for the barely existing gameplay.


The reception was incredibly negative, mostly from critics. Leonardo Faria from WayTooManyGames gave a 1.5/10, mainly criticizing the graphics which he described "It’s no exaggeration when I say that there are better looking games on the 3DO and Sega 32X. But hey, at least this game runs at 60fps...", and fun factor, describing "You’ll spend about fifteen minutes between downloading Road Bustle, getting all of its trophies, and uninstalling it. Quality gameplay wasn’t its main priority; giving you the cheapest and most inglorious platinum trophy of your life was its objective."[1]

Richie from PlayStation Country gave the game a 1/10, criticizing the game being broken, slow and unexciting to play with bad presentation and limited gameplay. He shortly described "Road Bustle is a grift at best. Some chancer made this and somehow got Sony to allow it on their store."[2]

Sean Davies of Finger Guns gave a 1/10, describing "The saying “you get what you pay for” certainly applies to Road Bustle. An unsightly runner that’ll keep you entertained for mere seconds, this game is little more than a Platinum trophy with a price tag."[3]

On Metacritic, the game received 6.2/10 based on 9 user ratings.[4] On GameFAQS, the game received 1.7/5 stars based on 5 users.[5]



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