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Riddle games

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This article is about "Riddle" variety of mobile games.
You may be looking for ''Riddle series created by JonBro/Jonochrome, including Riddle Transfer 2''.
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Warning: Those Riddle games aren't kid-friendly

Since around 2020, on the App Store and Google Play there have been a lot of "Riddle" games that have names such as Brain Riddle - Tricky Puzzles, Brain Riddle, Brain Riddle 2, Delete Puzzle Erase Puzzle, Brain It! - Tricky Puzzles, Brain Love, Brain Game: Amazing Tricky Puzzles, and many others that heavily rely on sexual nature in order to get people to play them.


The player tries to complete various "riddle" like puzzles. A lot of the puzzles revolve around women who are sexualized in nature.

Why They Suck

  1. Like with most mobile games, they are heavily uninspired, considering they are ripoffs of a game called Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles.
  2. They are asset flips, which means that these games look and play identical to each other, leading to over-saturation.
  3. They all share the same kinds of gameplay rounds, like "Choose the right object" or "Rock, Paper, Scissors".
  4. Many of them play terribly and are crammed with pop-up ads that interrupt you every level or so, in order to gain more money.
  5. The graphics and sound are pretty low quality and cheaply done, even for mobile game standards, they look something made out from Scratch projects or worse, they look it was made from late 2000s Flash games.
    • Some games steal assets without permission, like Among Us humanoids and Emojis.
  6. The levels can be completed in a number of seconds, and will start to repeat after a while.
  7. The main reason for these games being somewhat controversial are the ads that not only sexualize and objectify woman but are extremely sexist and EXPLICIT in nature, Here are examples of ads from Brain Riddle - Tricky Puzzles  :
    • One ad shows a couple playing Rock, Paper Scissors. The woman loses both rounds and is punished. First, she is spanked, and the second, the man runs after her to which the ad ends, which could mean that the man is about to rape the woman.
    • Another shows the same concept, but this time, the man is slapped twice, and then the woman gets stripped to her bra and underwear. Then afterward, the fake hand touches her underwear.
    • Another features a captured woman with a criminal next to her. The hand chooses the options to strip the poor woman, and then it ends.
    • What makes the ads worse is that the sexualized women are actually featured in the game, in a game rated 4+ on the iOS App Store (though considering that its up the accounts to determine ratings, this isn't surprising). Even worse than that, due to YouTube's lack of quality control in their algorithm, these ads have managed to show up on a lot of kids' videos, which means the companies making them are violating COPPA big time.
  8. The sexualized levels sometimes go way beyond jumping the shark. A level in one of these games has a girl that is about to be sexually harassed by a man.
  9. The companies who make these games bot the reviews as well to make them look better than they are. Almost every review for them on the IOS App Store that's written has only one star which criticizes the nature of these games.
    • Uploads of them on YouTube that have the racy thumbnails are botted as well.
  10. Even the app icons show the lack of quality control on the App Stores. Brain Riddle' in common has a woman having her dress being blown off by a hairdryer.
  11. The non-sexual riddles in them try and make the games look more innocent and kid-friendly than they are when it's not.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Brain Test - Tricky Puzzles and it's sequels are actually quite enjoyable on their own terms and don't feature any inappropriate content. (although on a bad quality, they have tons of ads which can make them unplayable at times).



Many reviews for the game on Google Play and the IOS App Store have criticized the game for the sexist and disgusting nature of its ads.


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