Rhythm Heaven-FEVER (Bootleg)

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Rhythm Heaven-FEVER is a bootleg mobile app, and rips off Rhythm Heaven Fever for the Wii.

Why It Sucks

  1. For some reason, it has LumBEARjack and the story version of Karate Man (as Chopping Wood and Kung-fu-fighter, respectively), even though these games are from Rhythm Heaven Megamix.
  2. The games got renamed to awful titles, such as Romantic dates (Double Date), Fight monsters (Samurai Slice), Chopping wood (LumBEARjack), & Catch food (Fork Lifter).
  3. The games have lots of unintentional offbeats, making them hard to play.
  4. Instead of the Wii versions of Karate Man 1 & 2, we got the original as the sequel, and Karate Man from Megamix. The story versions of the games in Megamix did this a lot better than that!
  5. Tambourine was renamed Monkey bongo, even though that the instrument you're playing is obviously a tambourine.
  6. Horrible grammar, even for a Chinese bootleg.
  7. The sound quality is poor, especially in Muscle doll (Figure Fighter).
    • As for Muscle doll, it steals sound clips from a My Little Pony-based parody!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Unlike Doci Daci, this has two original games- Rotation sushi & Trick on the class.
  2. The Marshal lookalike from Rotation sushi is the avatar for SilverLinkYT, a YouTuber who makes Custom Remixes. His works are way more better than this game.
  3. This got removed from the App Store after legal troubles from Nintendo.
  4. Chopping wood skips straight to LumBEARjack 2, making it slightly more bearable.


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