Revolution X

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Revolution X
RevolutionX arcadeflyer.png
You better not walk this way.
Genre: Rail Shooter
Platforms: Arcade
Sega Genesis
Sega Saturn
Super Nintendo
Release Date: 1994
Developer: Midway
Rage Software
Software Creations
Publisher: Midway
Acclaim Entertainment
Made in: United States
United Kingdom

Revolution X is a rail shooter game developed and published by Midway in 1994 for arcades and ported to various consoles and IBM computers the following years. A Sega 32X version was demonstrated at the 1995 Electronic Entertainment Expo, but was never released. An Atari Jaguar conversion was also in development, but it was never released.


In a dystopian version of 1996, an alliance of corrupt government and corporate military forces have taken control of the world in the guise of the "New Order Nation" (NON). The NON, with their vampish commander Head Mistress Helga, have declared war on youth culture and have banned all forms of music, television, magazines, and video games. Aerosmith decides to perform an underground live concert to those who fight against the opression, but the band is captured by the NON troops and hustled off the stage in the middle of their show. From here, the player must destroy three NON installations in the Middle East, Amazon Jungle, and Pacific Rim (in whatever order they choose), then travel to London to defeat Helga and her remaining forces at Wembley Stadium.

Why It Sucks

Note: This page does not focus on Arcade version.

All Versions

  1. Ridiculous plot.
  2. Despite being a light gun game, none of the home console versions had light gun support, instead, you control the crosshair with the D-Pad.
  3. The crosshair control is terrible, it is pretty sluggish and can cause difficulties when you are in a zone with a lot of enemies in screen.
    • To make the things worse, using a mouse will not fix this problem, as the controls become very sensitive.
  4. Dreadful graphics.
  5. Uninspired backgrounds.
  6. Censorship, the blood is toned down and the exotic dancers are now facing the screen instead of showing off their thongs.
  7. Abysmal amount of enemies.
  8. The APC's and the helicopters are bullet sponges and they will shoot missiles at you continuously.
  9. Enemy missiles are very fast and it's hard to destroy them before they explode.
  10. A very repetitive gameplay with almost no variation in its gameplay.

PlayStation and Sega Saturn only

  1. Extreme slowdowns.
  2. Sprites look terribly pixelated.

Sega Genesis only

  1. Awful soundtrack that doesn't resemble any of the Aerosmith songs.
  2. The digitized voices are almost indistinguishable.
  3. Terrible sound design, gunshots resemble more of the sound of tapping a desk instead of a real gun.
  4. Enemy missiles will explode in less time than the other versions.

DOS only

  1. No music.
  2. Lackluster sound effects.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The game gives you a large amount of continues, or even infinite.
  2. CD-based ports feature more blood.
  3. The Genesis version is very fluent and the crosshair control is good.
  4. The SNES version has a very good soundtrack and sound design for a 16-bit console.
  5. While the mouse support is not so good at all, is a better alternative to the d-pad controls.


The arcade version was a success and was well received by critics and fans alike. However, when ported to home consoles, most versions suffered from lackluster sales due to receiving mediocre review scores, mostly by the lack of a light gun support, bad graphics and sluggish controls.


Revolution X was originally planned to have a sequel featuring the band Public Enemy, but it was canceled due to the poor reception of the home console versions.



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