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Revolution 60

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Revolution 60
Revolution 60 Loading Screen.png
Sexism. At it's Finest.
Genre(s): Adventure
Platform(s): iOS
Microsoft Windows
Release: iOS
July 12, 2014
macOS, Microsoft Windows
August 6, 2016
Engine: Unreal Engine 3
Developer(s): Giant Spacekat
Publisher(s): Giant Spacekat
Country: United States

Revolution 60 is an adventure game developed and published by Giant Spacekat for iOS, macOS, and Microsoft Windows.

The game was first announced at PAX East in March 2013. It was originally supposed to be released in late 2013 before being delayed. In July 2013, the company ran a Kickstarter campaign which asked for $5,000 to port the game to macOS and Microsoft Windows via Steam. Said campaign raised $12,728 donated by 392 backers.

Why It Sucks More Than 60 Times

  1. The female character designs are uncanny and sexist. They have hourglass figures, skin-tight outfits, short skirts, and personalities that can only be described as "wooden". This goes against the stated aims of its main creator, Brianna Wu, whose goal is to champion diversity and female empowerment (or at that's what she claims).
    • On the topic of female empowerment, the characters are very one-dimensional and uninteresting, making them weak female characters.
  2. The entire game has a lazy feeling, with poor color choices that can be an eyesore, frequent reuse of character models and set pieces, really ugly graphics, flat backgrounds, environments lacking details such as textures or props, and poor use of lighting effects that makes characters look jarring and out of place in darker environments.
    • The game constantly flips assets without giving credit or even steals them from other games such as Second Life.
  3. You fight the same Bruiser boss four times in the main story.
  4. The soundtrack is composed almost entirely with royalty-free music pieces used without giving credit. Brianna Wu claimed that she made a track for the game herself, but in reality, they are just stolen and altered just like the rest.
  5. The plot is very confusing.
  6. Terrible voice acting from pretty much everyone.
  7. The gameplay is nothing but quick-time events. The PC version features typing words but it is not enough to convince you to this boring game.
  8. The only major difference graphically between the iOS and PC versions is that the PC version has added lighting effects and some QTEs are changed into sections where you have to type words.
  9. Clunky combat system which poorly rips off the Mega Man Battle Network series' battle system that makes fights very repetitive. This isn't helped by janky hitboxes causing the main character and the enemies to be hit by attacks that landed nowhere near them.
  10. The PC version has a game-breaking bug that makes it impossible to beat the final boss unless you pause the game and change to Mouse controls.
  11. Another glitch could be triggered while battling Dark Crimson, a single strike from her could cause an overflow error and the player will continuously lose health.
  12. The game is very poorly optimized for iOS, mainly due to the overly high complexities of some of the flipped assets.
  13. Overpriced at $10, which despite being a budget price is still too high for how little actual content there is.
    • Despite this, the game takes up 777 MB disk space, yet at least 70.6% of them is nothing but fluff.
  14. If you run out of health in combat, you can just immediately use a medical kit to be restored to full health. Medical kits are extremely plentiful, this takes away what little challenge the game has.
Assets stolen from Second Life. Click on the image above to enlarge.


Despite the iOS version receiving a Metacritic score of 73/100, indicating "mixed or average" reviews, gamers blasted Revolution 60, with an average user score of 2.1/10[1], and 1.1/10 for the PC version[2]. Likewise, its Steam page has a rating of "Mostly Negative".[3]



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