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Revenge of the Sunfish

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Revenge of the Sunfish
Revenge of the Sunfish.jpg
Here is an example of how to poke fun at games.
Genre(s): Various
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: 2007
Engine: games factory
Developer(s): Jacob Buczynski
Publisher(s): Jacob Buczynski
Country: Australia
Successor: Revenge of the Sunfish 2

Revenge of the Sunfish is a freeware pc game by Jacob w. Buczynski which was released in April 2007. The game was created as a comedy that mocks the standards of computer games.


Everything was done using the game factory program and the graphics were made entirely in microsoft paint. The game itself, however, was not fully completed, because the hard drive on which the game was created crashed and needed to be repaired, so the current state of the game is a fraction of what Jacob Buczynski planned.


Humanity has been suddenly attacked by a herd of sunfish, sunfish killing every creature they come across. The player's task is to save humanity from its complete annihilation.


The game consists of a dozen or so levels, and each of them is a different game. The levels are not large and can be completed in seconds, and even death takes the player to the next level.

Why It Partly-Intentionally sucks

  1. As this is an unfinished game, it is full of bugs and gliches
  2. The graphics for 2007 are really severe and, as the author mentioned, they are entirely made in microsoft paint. It looks like a SNES or Genesis game.
  3. The plot in the game is very lazily made, the fish are just attacking humanity and that's it.
  4. The music in this game is entirely copied from other games, mainly from Castlevania.
  5. The game has absolutely no menu, so the player can only forget about the settings.
  6. The levels in this game are either ridiculously easy or unfairly difficult.
    • Even worse, according to the author, death takes the player to the next level.
  7. The intro in the game is cheap and poor, it just shows the sunfish that are attacking the Earth and its inhabitants.
  8. The game completion time is 15 minutes, which is a very short game completion time.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of the jokes in the game may be funny to some.
  2. The music, though it is MIDI-based and stolen from other games (mostly old and good), is pretty decent.


The game has been heavily played by many Youtubers, but due to the fact that the game is a joke and nothing else, hardly anyone has raised a hand on it. The only exception was Bananowy Janek, who strongly criticized the game, and most strongly it was the gameplay, but he also criticized the intro, graphics, plot, sound effects and even music and rightly said that it was stolen from other titles.


  • The author of the game was taking high school diploma when he was creating it.
  • This is a first game he has ever made.



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