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Next time, make your controller larger to safely accomodate the hands of players.

The RetroPlay Controller, also known as the Retro Games Controller in the UK, is a Famiclone plug and play console published by DreamGEAR in the US. It is known for having lots of games, of which there are 200.

Why it Flopped

  1. Too small and uncomfortable to use. Combine this with the fact that the reset and start buttons are so close to each other means that you'll more than likely accidentally press the wrong button and reset your entire progress from the very beginning.
  2. This being a bootleg console means that a lot of the games are ROM hacks of other NES and Famicom games; ones that are poorly done, and with bizarre changes. And the games that aren't ripoffs ended up being plagued by other problems, such as unbalanced difficulty (being either too easy or too hard).
  3. Speaking of which, some of the games are repeated twice, just with different titles/graphics to meet the quota of having 200 games.
  4. Missing a "select" button, which is necessary to be used in some of the aforementioned NES/Famicom games.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Actually has decent battery life. It runs on AAA batteries and they could last long enough for anyone playing all 200 games.


YouTuber Shane Luis of Rerez made a nearly hour-long review of the console, calling it the Worst Plug & Play Console Ever 2 (the first one being made by another company, The Shopping Channel). He criticized the console for its overly small size and feels that there is nothing good about it.




14 months ago
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My carpal tunnel does not need to see that.


10 months ago
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I got this for Christmas one time and the joystick easily broke off.

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