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This studio is a broken record. The irony here is how much they can't resist making terrible games.

Resistance Records is a Canadian record label that used to be owned by the neo-Nazi group National Alliance but is now independent these days. They are also known for making the poorly done white supremacist first-person shooters. The poor quality of these games resulted in them being compared unfavorably to Daikatana.

The company is not making games anymore and the founder, George Burdi, actually renounced his old white supremacist ways. Unfortunately, after their supposed retirement from the gaming industry, there are several neo-Nazi developers making spiritual successors for their original games.

List of games

Official games

  1. Ethnic Cleansing
  2. White Law
  3. ZOG's Nightmare: The National Socialist Movement
  4. ZOG's Nightmare 2: The War Continues!
  5. An unknown amount of canceled games, which would have been based on the Neo-Nazi novel The Turner Diaries. The aforementioned White Law was supposed to be the first of this series but ended up being the only one. The company created ZOG's Nightmare instead, which has nothing to do with the novel. There is no further info about those planned titles.

Spiritual successors

  1. Racial Holy War: The Cold War, by forum users from
  2. Nigger Genocide: The Video Game, by Blogger user "3ety"
  3. ZOG's Nightmare 3: Message from C18, by Wolfdie Entertainment
  4. Angry Goy: The Ethnic Cleansing Video Game, by Wheel Maker Studios
  5. Angry Goy II, by Wheel Maker Studios

NOTE: It is unconfirmed if Racial Holy War was meant to be a spiritual successor of Resistance Records, while the other three games openly are.

Why Their Games Suck

  1. Full of game breaking bugs, including a tendency to crash.
  2. Awful draw distance.
  3. Extremely slow frame-rate.
  4. Terrible graphics.
  5. Cheap enemy AI: when the enemies are not idiots, they are unforgiving.
  6. Lousy shooting mechanics in Ethnic Cleansing and White Law. This issue is less terrible in ZOG's Nightmare, but this doesn't help so much since enemies there are faster than light.
  7. Annoying voice acting, and the lyrics in their music contains extreme racial slurs against minorities, especially towards African Americans.
  8. Extremely long loading times.
  9. In some instances, their games can also be very disturbing rather than just offensive.
    • On the first level of Ethnic Cleansing, there is a Neo-Nazi propaganda poster on an alley regarding real-life murders were the killer was an African American and the victim was a Caucasian person. The poster asks why those crimes are not reported as hate crimes.
    • On the second level of White Law, you are tasked to rescue some white children kept as sexual slaves by a Jewish rich man.
    • The second level of ZOG's Nightmare takes place inside of a Neo-Nazi headquarter, and there is a switch on a corridor with the following suggestive description: "Jew showers. Gas ON-OFF". The player is able to turn the switch on.
    • ZOG's Nightmare 2 is the worst game in terms of being disturbing. This game has homosexuals as enemies and also features real-life photos of the Holocaust and the Ku Klux Klan's past crimes.
    • The loading screen shows dozens of dead Jews.
    • The first level of the game feels more like someone going postal: you are on the streets at daytime and must kill five policemen and an African American civilian
    • The third level also takes place inside of Neo-Nazi headquarters, and there are three more real-life photos: one of Ku Klux Klan members burning alive African Americans, one of the ovens the Jews were incinerated in, and another of the Nazi medical experiences the Jews have been subjected. There is also a vending machine on the third and the fourth levels whose advertisement claims it's "juice made from dead Jewish babies".
    • If one is masochist enough to continue, on the fifth and the sixth levels the protagonist is arrested and must kill homosexual prison inmates in order to proceed.
    • The final level is inside of a synagogue full of bloodshed and deformed Jew zombies.
    • About the spiritual successors, there is a cutscene in Angry Goy were the protagonist kills the father of a little girl in front of her and her mother, another in which he kills a jew by throwing him into an oven, African refugees and drug-addict LGBT people as enemies who die with a shot to the head (which blows for more bloodshed), and the game also features real-life documentary videos accusing Israel of the absurd. ZOG's Nightmare 3 has the protagonist blowing up a government skyscraper full of Jews and Muslims, much like an Al-Qaeda terrorist.
  10. Extremely lazy level designs with ugly textures. The most absurd instance, the fifth level of ZOG's Nightmare is just various hallways whose texture consists entirely of Stars of David. (image)
  11. No real story: any shards of a plotline behind their games are just absurd pretexts to genocide towards minorities. Being neo-Nazi propaganda pieces, the games effectively count as a form of hate speech that unashamedly endorses fascist/white supremacist beliefs and the genocide of minorities, among others.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Their games are gruesome, in special ZOG's Nightmare 2, as they show what the neo-Nazis really defend. They can actually turn people against the neo-Nazis. File sharing gamer communities such ISO Zone and 3D Shooter Legends, who believe in free speech, are now preserving their old games so everyone can see what neo-Nazism really is.




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