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Resident Evil Survivor 2 – Code: Veronica

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Resident Evil Survivor 2 – Code: Veronica
Ps2 residentevilsurvivor2codeveronica eu.jpg
You thought the first Survivor game was bad? Think again!
Genre(s): Light Gun Shooter
Platform(s): Arcade
PlayStation 2
Release: Arcade:
JP: July 2001
PlayStation 2:
JP: November 8, 2001
EU: March 22, 2002
Developer(s): Capcom
SIMS Co. Ltd
Publisher(s): Capcom
Series: Resident Evil
Predecessor: Resident Evil Gaiden (Cchronologically)
Successor: Resident Evil Remake

Resident Evil Survivor 2: Code Veronica is the 2nd release in a series of light gun shooter video games by Capcom, released in 2001 for the Arcades and later that for PlayStation 2, it never saw the light of day in America.

This is considered one of the worst games in the series, and definitely worse than its predecessor.

Why It Still Doesn't Survive

  1. There's barely any story about the game; after all, it is Claire's dream, (to even know that you must find collectibles), and the ending is just a slow text crawl, also it makes no sense with the lore of the series.
    • it also tries to be a poorly condenced version of Code Veronica, with extreme inacuracies, for example Claire meeting Alexia before Tyrant Model 103, but the most insulting one is Claire fighting the Hunters, Drein Deimos nor Nemesis, which Claire never met at all in any game.
    • Also for some reason Nemesis is as tall as clair, when in RE3 he was almost twice the size of any normal human.
    • some of the reports actively contradict the storyline, for example, Nemesis beign created in USA when he was created in Europe.
  2. It uses the same models from Resident Evil Code: Veronica, and looks terrible,in fact much worst than the original code veronica on the Dreamcast, this is specially noticeable with enemies that dont come from this game, like Nemesis, who almost looks like he belongs on a PS1 title, the weapons models also look like ass too and the blood effects are just pathetic almost looking like strawberry jam.
    • For some reason the linear launcher looks exactly like the shotgun.
  3. Poor controls, even worse than that the previous Resident Evil: Survivor, you turn with R1 and L1 which is insanely akward for any game, you shoot with square instead of the triggers, and the movement is slow and cluncky, specially on stairs.
    • To make matters worst the game has an abominable amount of slowdown, to the point of going bellow 20 FPS, worst yet is fairly common from slowdown to happen.
    • It doesnt help that clair shoots really slow even compared to Arc from the first survivor.
    • and the gun con 2 scheme is outright a disaster, with things as to move foward you must hold the trigger while pointing the gun off the screen.
  4. No voice acting whatsoever. It's only subtitles, which is extremely lazy, at least the original Gun Survivor had voice acting, no matter how awful it was.
  5. The characters have pretty low HP and the monsters (Especially Bandersnatches) do high damage, this is no good since the characters only have 3 continues.
  6. Unbalanced boss battles that can range from easy (like Nemesis) or cheap (like the the Super Hunter, who many times traps you into receiving unavoidable damage).
  7. The method of doing critical hits in the game is pretty frustrating; you have to get pretty close to the monster to do one, which is risky and can end up with you getting attacked.
    • Worst yet, only the shots to the center of the screen seem to count.
  8. The teammate AI sucks; they barely help you in the battle and get hit by monsters easily; especially if you are trying to dodge them.
  9. There's a time limit in the game which forces the players to hurry up and leave the area. The timer also continues during the door animations, even though it's not shown during them. Nemesis appears, who can instantly kill Claire or Steve when time runs out.
    • However this isn't a problem as Nemesis is insanely slow and will probably never reach you, and he doesn't have any range attacks.
      • In fact he actually assists you more than attacks you as he can kill the enemies that are close to you.
  10. Just like Survivor, the player can't save the game. Instead, there are continues which are, due to the game's artificial difficulty, used pretty quickly. Running out of them followed by death puts the player way back to the start of the game.
  11. You can only carry 2 guns, your hand gun an an extra gun as there is no inventory at all, which goes against the RE formula, and can screw you when you fight a boss.
  12. Poor animations, everything moves extremely sluggish and robotic, with N64 games having better and more fluid animations, there is also a lot of clipping between the monsters and your partner, also when you kill the enemies and some of the bosses, they starts to flicker until they vanishes.
  13. When you are near an enemy sometimes the camera angles down, which only disorients you and leaves you open to attacks, worst yet if you get attack by something like a zombie, your camera is left facing down.
  14. Rehashed soundtrack from Code: Veronica, which again is really lazy as the original Gun Survivor had its own soundtrack, which was very good with the exception of 1 track.
  15. Awful sounds, there are no voices in the entire game, and all the weapons from a simple gun to a shotgun sound the same taking away the impact of the shooting, worst yet the poor sound almost makes you feel that the gun isnt responding and its jammed.
  16. Bland level design,is just generic corridors or big rooms, the enviroment interactions are very limited, making each stage feel the same but with a different code of paint, and while the game has some explorable areas, this clashes with the time limit mechanic.
  17. Some enemy placements are pretty nonsensical, they appear as soon as the door animation ends with barely any breathing room for the player, you even have enemies attacking from off screen, making the difficulty extremely cheap.
  18. The story mode only has 5 stages, making the game short to complete.
  19. To fight Nemesis you must find some gems, that are incredibly out of place, to fight him immediately after the last boss, and his boss fight is pathetic, also for some reason Nemesis falls down and explodes like a Power Ranger monster.
  20. The ending is just pathetic, is just one picture.
  21. The VS Roach mode is just moronic, is just shooting at all the roaches in a room, which is frustrating as they are really small.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of the unlockable files are interesting, especially the one related to Steve's dad, which is used later in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.
  2. The 2 mini-games are more interesting than Claire's dream. Plus, they have extra 2 characters from Resident Evil Code Veronica, which are Chris (armed with a linear launcher) and Rodrigo (armed with a knife).They also have more weapons than Claire's dream.
  3. Despite rehashing the music it still pretty good.



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