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Tractor Racing Simulation

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Tractor Racing Simulation
Basically, Play Publishing's Mario Kart, but mixed in Blender with their stupid concept and spaghetti code.
Genre(s): Racing
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: Retail release
EU: December 9, 2010
DE: April 18, 2011
RU: July 23, 2012

Digital release
WW: April 28, 2014
Developer(s): Silden
Publisher(s): EU: Play Publishing
DE: UIG Entertainment
RU: Noviy Disk
WW: Libredia (digital)
Country: Poland

Tractor Racing Simulation[1][2] is a racing game developed by Silden and published by Play Publishing in Europe, UIG Entertainment in Germany, and Noviy Disk in Russia. In turn, Libredia is responsible for the digital release via Steam and GamersGate.

Why It Sucks

  1. Primitive main menu. Not to mention, you can only see the high scores. It's like the developers were too lazy to make icons, change your profile, change something in settings, check out credits or even the "quit" option.
  2. The vehicles are the same. The vehicles are that much like the cat would get cold, and their only difference is just their look.
  3. Horrible graphics for 2012 standards. The graphics look like the first PlayStation game or Dreamcast game than a PC game released in 2012. The humans also look like they try to look like Slenderman, as they look like they have no face.
    • The buildings look like a drunk 5-year-old with a cup would draw them.
    • The special effects look like they were recycled from other game developed by Silden, which were later used for Trucker 2.
  4. The only ways that you can visually and mechanically improve your vehicle is just modify the engine and brakes to a better version and change the colors of your vehicle. There are no better things to improve your vehicle than these.
  5. Barebones enemy AI. The enemies can drive to you and simply try to push themselves like they want to win the race without even trying to lose, block themselves together, or even run into a wall like they have no idea what they are going without being aware of it.
    • Even if you would block them to make more space for them to drive, they will still ride at you like they only want to ride without even moving their tractor to the other side.
  6. False advertising: Retail cover art shows a tractor with a roof, but in the game, there are no tractors with a roof at all.
  7. Awful controls. Controlling the tractors is like gray soaps in a puddle of grease on the ice. One thing can even make your tractor run into a wall while spinning, even if you're careful.
  8. Hideous physics. Once you hit another tractor, you just stop without even getting pushed back a bit. And the durability of your vehicle is pathetic. No matter how hard you will run into solid objects, even the smallest scratch will not appear on your tractor, no matter how you fast you're going.


Tractor Racing Simulation received negative reviews. On, it received 4.2/10 rating from users, while BartekGM gave the graphics, audio, gameplay, and the whole game a 1/10 rating.



  1. On Steam and GamersGate known as Redneck Racers.
  2. In Poland known as Traktory: Puchar Sołtysa, in Germany Farm Racer, and in Russia Тракторист: Колхозный беспредел.


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