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An awful first impression for third-party Wii games.

Red Steel is a first-person shooter developed by Ubisoft Paris and published by Ubisoft exclusively for the Wii. It was a launch title for the system and was the first Wii game shown to the public, as well as the system's first FPS game. The story follows a man named Scott who must rescue his kidnapped fiancee after her father is attacked by a rival Yakuza clan.

Why It Sucks

  1. Terrible story.
  2. Horrible voice-acting and dialogue.
  3. Almost every level in the game takes place in either a factory or skyscraper, which gives a feeling of repetition and laziness.
  4. Story is told via graphic-novel style cutscenes that look like storyboards rather than completed drawings.
  5. Turning takes far too much time to do.
  6. Aiming cursor can be jittery at times.
  7. Horrible zoom-in/out mechanic; you have to hold down the A button, then jab the Wii Remote forward or backward. This can lead to you messing up your aiming, and the sniper-rifle in particular is extremely hard to be accurate with due to this.
  8. Shootouts are incredibly easy due to the lackluster enemy AI and your health regenerating quickly if you avoid taking damage.
  9. Focus mode can be exploited because you can freeze time, disarm your foes, then force them to surrender by waving the Wii Remote around. It can also be easily filled by killing your opponents in quick succession.
  10. You'll sometimes be sniped by enemies you can't see, resulting in you dying multiple times unless you memorize the level.
  11. Despite the game's title, there is no blood whatsoever. (though in compliance with the T for Teen rating)
  12. Sword-fighting sequences are scripted so that you can't shoot your opponent, and even if you're about to die, you can't take out a gun and shoot them. This doesn't make sense because a gun is more powerful than a sword and can kill from a distance. The fights are also conveniently uninterrupted by any gun-carrying foes.
  13. Swordplay opponents follow basic patterns, which leads to them being easily defeated once the pattern is memorized.
  14. Sword-fighting controls barely work because there's a noticeable delay between the swing of the remote and nunchuk and the game recognizing the motion.
  15. Due to the above point, you'll often fail to pull off special moves correctly, which causes them to go to waste.
  16. Ugly visuals that look more like a PlayStation 2 title rather than a Wii launch title.
  17. Sometimes sluggish frame-rate.
  18. Large amount of bugs and glitches.
  19. Distracting little things, like how your shots pass through non-enemy NPCs and your sword-fighting opponent in the distance being magically invulnerable to your bullets.
  20. Little to no replay value; there are no difficulty settings or options of co-op gameplay.
  21. Bland multiplayer mode.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The environments are destructible and cool to look at.
  2. The soundtrack is pretty good for the most part.
  3. Nice-looking explosions, despite the ugly graphics.
  4. It's an interesting take on FPS controls.
  5. The sequel is surprisingly good.


Red Steel received mixed reviews, with a Metacritic score of 63 based on 54 reviews. However, despite its reception, it managed to sell over a million copies worldwide by 2007. While the game did get a sequel, it was a very different game than its predecessor.