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Red Lake is a first-person shooter developed by Talentplace, and published by KishMish Games. It was released for Microsoft Windows via Steam on March 25th, 2015.

You're an agent sent to Siberia to discover what's happening near a lake that somehow turned red and started affecting the local wildlife. To do so you'll have to survive rabid zombie dogs, weird instakill azure spheres, transparent whitish cats and angry crows, while reading cryptic notes that the protagonist writes as you progress through the game.

According to the games official steam page, this game tries to sound like it's "Inspired by the object SCP-354".

Here's a link to the real object on the SCP site

Note! The SCP object is a legend associated with Canada and not Siberia like the game devs say.

Why It Sucks

  1. Red Lake suffers from the typical problems which a lot of indie games have: bad graphics, lots of bugs/glitches, incoherent story, awful game mechanics and the list goes on.
  2. Once again a low-budgeted game where quality management was completely skipped for the sake of quick release.
  3. The video on Steam shows a totally different car from what we see in the intro cutscene. The car's tires go deep into the asphalt so much so that they almost disappear. It should also be mentioned that once the camera perspective changes the narrator's sentence is cut short. The sound here was simply not edited properly.
  4. The shooting is mind-numbingly basic. You only get a pistol, which, if used at too long of a range, does literally nothing to enemies.
  5. The zoom is smooth going in with right-click, but when released it instantly snaps out. Sometimes it even gets stuck.
  6. When you run, the stamina meter depletes very quickly, and your character will go into an asthmatic attack. The flashlight also depletes very quickly.
  7. Your attackers are rabid zombie dogs, transparent whitish cats and angry crows. Almost all can be taken down by 4 or 5 bullets, however there's an awful downside. When you die and restart there's a high chance the bullets are not reloaded "In other words" if you run out of bullets dying will not bring them back. This is pretty annoying when you start with zero ammunition.
  8. Extra bullets can only be found at the house in chapter 1 and there's no health indicator, whatsoever.
  9. The animations of the dogs you first encounter are bad. They can get completely under you causing them to sink into the ground back first. If you shoot one in this position, it's corpse can do somersaults at your feet. In a wacky game like Goat Simulator that may be acceptable, but not here. By the way if you jump on a dog it cannot hurt you as you are above it, the creature just starts going in circles.
  10. Sometimes you may not even be able to finish chapter 1, but when clicking on continue in the main menu the game will offer you chapter 2. You can choose this and go further.
  11. Chapter 3 is supposed to be a dreamlike sequence but the vivid green, red and purple colors make it disgusting. This is pretty much the hardest part and restarting does not always spawn the same amount of enemies which does not make any sense.
  12. The end game boss fight is awful, because you will be fighting a huge zombie surrounded by the spheres that kill with just one hit and a pack of the already mentioned dogs.
  13. No tips are given as to how to eliminate the boss and no explanation is provided telling us why we are there.
  14. This company called Talentplace has some other software with similar ratings. This is bad. It may be best to avoid them. Alternatively, when on sale the games can all be purchased for half a euro and the trading cards can be sold for the sake of a positive balance.
  15. A shame no attempt is made to refine the end product to at least give gamers a chance to have fun.
  16. If you dare to shoot one of the spheres you will not kill it and it will float over and kill you instead.
  17. To put it simple, Red Lake is the spiritual successor of The Slaughtering Grounds, but in it's own way. With six chapters that offer some varieties Red Lake could be an interesting game to play but sadly that's not the case since the game also comes with a variety of bugs and issues.






6 months ago
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I got this game the same year it came out. I rarely ever play it because it gets repetitive and boring over time. But it's funny to play for a laugh due to how messed up it is.

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