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Read-A-Rama and Spell-A-Rama

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(Photo via LazyGameReviews)

These games were hard to find for a reason.

Genre(s): Edutainment
Platform(s): PC
Release: 1995
Developer(s): Selena Studios
Publisher(s): Maxis
Series: A-Rama

Read-A-Rama and Spell-A-Rama are two edutainment games developed by Selena Studios and distributed by Maxis. (Yes, that one.) The games were released in 1995. Not much information is known about the two games, and the games are hard to find.

Why They Suck-A-Rama

  1. Both games have an extremely long Selena Studios intro logo that lasts 2 minutes and 23 seconds. When LGR reviewed this game, he said that his screensaver activated in the middle of the logo.
  2. Ugly and frightening character designs and animation, not to mention the characters themselves are bland and have few traits besides marked exhaustion.
  3. Atrocious voice acting, difficult to comprehend what the characters are saying.
  4. The games are barely educational.
  5. A character in Read-a-Rama who plays the drums in the clouds is a racist stereotype of both Afro-Jamaicans and possibly African-Americans.
  6. Awful character names.
  7. Generic music.
  8. Both of the games barely have plots.
  9. Both game programs are difficult to run and contain a number of bugs and glitches, such as the audio becoming corrupted in Spell-A-Rama.
  10. Despite having "a-Rama" in the title, the games are crazy in a bad way and not a good way.



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