Razor Racing

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Razor Racing
EU: Scooter Racing
Genre: Extreme Sports
Platforms: PlayStation
Release Date: NA: November 1, 2001
EU: March 15, 2002
Developer: VisionScape Interactive
Publisher: NA: Crave Entertainment
EU: UbiSoft
Franchise: Razor
Previous Game: Razor Freestyle Scooter

Razor Racing (Known as Scooter Racing in Europe) is a 2002 scooter game by Crave Entertainment and Vision Scape Interactive, which is the follow-up to Razor Freestyle Scooter from a year earlier, and it runs on the same engine which powered Razor Freestyle Scooter and Grind Session. Unlike Razor Freestyle Scooter, this game was only released for the PlayStation, but like Razor Freestyle Scooter, it was also released as a budget priced game.

Why It Sucks

  1. Poor controls that try to imitate the Tony Hawk-style setup.
  2. It only has 3 areas in the game, which have trial and race stages set in their own circular track-type environments, and a park stage for each area set in their own park-type environments.
  3. Worthless point-related tasks to complete, which are required to gain X-Points and unlock a new character within the current team.
  4. The park stages only consist of gaining points, and not do unique tasks such as collect letters, enable or disable 5 objects, collect a hidden extra etc. unlike in Tony Hawk.
  5. Useless and worthless unlockables, such as the other team characters, and even the robot character that is unlocked by completing the game with all of the game's teams and their characters within.
  6. Even the areas themselves are bland and generic in terms of design and layout.
  7. Poor graphics.
  8. Generic and uninspired menu graphics.
  9. Generic and bland techno music with only three tunes to go by and a generic menu tune that loops endlessly.


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