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Rapid Gunner

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Rapid Gunner
The definition of "poverty" belongs to this game.
Genre(s): First-person shooter
Rating(s): USK: 16
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: April 15, 2004
Developer(s): 7FX
Publisher(s): WW: 7FX
DE: Peter Games
Country: Czech Republic

Rapid Gunner (known as Rapid Gunner: Tactical Shooter in Germany) is a 2004 first-person shooter game developed and published by Czech-based studio 7FX in worldwide, and Peter Games in Germany.

Roughly, it is not a fairly typical shooter, but a shooting range simulator that covers different locations and instead of enemies, there are different objects to shoot at. The game is designed to train accuracy, precision, perceptiveness and tactics.


Find and eliminate all targets in 8 missions in the shortest time possible without hitting the civilians. You observe the game from the first-person perspective, and all levels have been modeled in full three-dimensional. At the bottom of the screen there is a clock that measures the time until the end of the mission, the number of targets hit, as well as the amount of remaining ammunition.

Why It Sucks

  1. The graphics are awful. The game brings to mind the times when the Nintendo 64 was came out. The textures are quite low resolution, the natural phenomena are a pasted picture of their real counterparts, the cars resemble rectangles with tires, and trees are flat sprites. And the cardboards themselves, as opponents, are of very low image quality, resembling the first PlayStation games.
  2. The gameplay is quite boring. The only task is shooting at cardboard equivalents of the people and the square that appears in the targets that look a bit like a road sign. You have to do this eight times on eight levels anyway.
  3. The game isn't challenging. There is no time limit, even if every later level gets a little harder. Instead, it has been replaced with the time you get as quickly as possible.
  4. The level design is quite poor in content and small. For example, in a mission where the sport of snowboarding is practiced, you are completely blocked on the road. In the stage with an abandoned block, it is quite tight and the wall seems is the same size as a protagonist (obviously without any personality and name) you are playing.
  5. It's very easy to get confused in the game, mainly at the stage of shooting at people (cardboards). There may be a situation where you aren't sure whether or not you shot at the cardboard.
  6. The game can be completed really quickly. Completing all eight levels can take only 20 minutes in total.
  7. There are only pistols in the game. There are no shotguns, machine guns or even sniper rifles.
  8. Poorly done sound effects. The sound of starting a round causes bleeding from the ears; sounds, or rather the sound of weapons sounds a modified farting.
  9. The walking and shooting animations look hilarious. Looks like some drunk teenager holding a gun in his hand after visiting the club.
  10. Non-existent soundtrack.
  11. The game is unrealistic. An example is shooting at the square in the middle of the targets that look like a road sign, it disappears after shooting.
  12. The character you play moves too slow.
  13. The main menu, although it looks nice, is very poor in options. For shooters, the mouse sensitivity cannot be changed either. But it saves that you can change video mode to 1680x1050. But if you set a higher video mode, the game lags.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The game has great potential to speedrun.
  2. The weapons are really well reproduced (even if they don't shine graphically). It is especially worth noting that they differ in behavior, such as reloading speed.
  3. In the past, the results achieved could be compared with the results of other players thanks to a special ranking, which was on the official game's website.
  4. Even though the maps are quite small and poor in content, they're very original, at least for games that simulate a shooting range.
  5. The game, although poor in almost every aspect of the gameplay, it actually trains accuracy, precision, perceptiveness and tactics.



Publication Score
Absolute Games ( 58%[1]

Critical reception

Rapid Gunner was mixed to negatively reviewed. Absolute Games rated an exceptionally high rating by their standards, at least for bad games, they give it a 58%, describing that the shooting range is simple, though it gets boring quickly.[1]

However, the response from users, especially on the Gry-Online website, definitely took it negative. The average game rating on this website is 2.0/10. The anonymous user "zanonimizowany940001" claims that the gameplay is "bottom", asking: "Why do we go and shoot cardboard ducks?". Ultimately, he gave it a 0/10, considering it is a game for masochists.[2]

The user eJay stated that the demo scared him away. He criticized the graphics, which he considers hopeless and that shooting at the target and cardboard opponents is of little interesting.[2]

BartekGM, the creator of Najgorsze Gry Wszechczasów gave a 0/10. He summed up the game like this: "7FX's work can be compared to big elephant shit, it stinks per kilometer and is unstable. Gameplay is a comedy, a shooting clones of cardboard - a wet dream for every Ardennes Offensive fan. The graphics and HUD, and weapon representation are the only things that can be said to be anything good. Even the stupid sound of a gun sounds like a fart. The game has only eight wretched stages, and our hero moves like a fly in a pitch. Plus, there's no music."[3]



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