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"If the game was made to fight the drugs, it would've been good for the developers to not drug themselves while making it!" — Joueur du Grenier

Raid 2020
"This is what we all been waiting for?" — Angry Video Game Nerd
Genre: Action
Run and gun
Platforms: Nintendo Entertainment System
Release Date: NA: 1989
AU: 1990
Developer: Color Dreams
Publisher: NA: Color Dreams
AU: HES Interactive
Made in: United Sates

Raid 2020 is an unlicensed action video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This game was released in 1989 and only in North America and Australia.

Why It Sucks

  1. Spelling errors.
  2. You cannot jump high enough to reach certain items.
  3. Some of the things you're supposed to do in the game are outright nonsensical, for example, in a room found at the beginning of the first level, you can find a weapon upgrade that is placed too high up for you to reach by jumping, Joueur du Grenier found out in his playthrough that in order to reach it, you must jump onto a fly so it can carry you up to the power-up, yes, a fly is capable of supporting the weight of a fully grown man in the game!
  4. Some items are pretty useless.
  5. Very restrictive movement where you can only go up or down.
    • This is made more impossible, as you have to move even more carefully whenever bombs are on the ground and those, in turn, cause an instant kill.
  6. Your main weapon is dreadful.
  7. You must dodge seagulls' defecation from the skies at the same time while moving. Artificial difficulty.
  8. Very glitchy.
  9. Very bad background design on the second level. Your character and the background are 2D side views while most of the enemies are top-down views.
  10. The sound effects are absolutely dreadful, it's as if the developers at Color Dreams just bunched up random Atari 2600 sound effects and tossed them into a blender. JDG described them as "audio rape" and will make your parents want to smash your NES after playing for just 5 minutes.
  11. There is a level skipping code. However, it is ONE OF THE MOST ABSURDLY COMPLICATED CODES FOR ANY GAMES THAT HAVE BEEN FEATURED ON THE WIKI. Here's how it's done:
    • (Note: In order to use the code, you have to plug another controller in the second controller port.) Hold the Up button and A button on the first controller, then hold the Up button on the second controller. After that, on the first controller, release the Up button and tap the B button, then hold B and Select (The B button must be tapped first before being held along with Select).
    • You have to enter the code during gameplay, literally. You must not do that on the title screen, or while you're pausing the game. You have to do it while being attacked by in-game enemies.
    • Even if you enter the code right, it will skip you to the next level, and since there's no level select screen, you will have to manually repeat the whole process again if you want to skip to other levels.




26 months ago
Score 11
Almost a year to go until AVGN finally reviews this.


13 months ago
Score 2
He’s reviewing it this month.


13 months ago
Score 3
Redeeming Qualities: It had a positive message.


12 months ago
Score 4

AVGN promised us that he’ll review this in 2020 back in like, 2009..

He kept his promise :)


12 months ago
Score 1
Poop spattered anuses


3 months ago
Score 1
So bad that AVGN ate that and vomited.

Ice cake 2543

2 months ago
Score 2
The fact this game is made in 1989 and this is the year 2020 does not age well


one month ago
Score 1
Forshadowing the game that was sponsored

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