Racist Gengar Event Controversy

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Behold, the infamous racist Gengar.

The infamous Racist Gengar Event took place in 2009 at Nintendo World. Tons of flyers were getting around rather quickly, and people were promised a Mystery Gift, although the distribution was definitely not what it seemed. The Mystery Gift contained a Gengar with a racial slur, and many of its features were references to racial stereotypes. The details will be in the next section below for more information.


This event was supposedly having players receive a Mystery Gift, but when it all happened, people weren't really too happy with what they saw next after receiving it. As mentioned above, the distributed Pokemon had African-American stereotypical features that could be offensive to African-Americans. Surprisingly, other people (whether out of curiosity or by total accident) have actually received it, when Nintendo World warned them to no download it as it could either damage your game or corrupt your save data. In fact, there's a video uploaded by darkmaster491 showing the shiny Gengar in question.


After Nintendo World has received word of a racist Gengar going around, this prompted them to investigate, and many eyewitnesses gave a description of a person who was dressed as a Team Rocket Grunt, the one who was distributing the racist Gengar, and was arrested by police shortly afterwards.


  • This Pokemon event later turned out to be a complete hoax, as the flyers had no mention of a Mystery Gift.[1]





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