Racial Holy War: The Cold War

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Racial Holy War: The Cold War
RaHoWa - level 4.png
At least they really tried this time.
Genre: Fist-Person Shooter
Platforms: PC
Release Date: 21 April, 2016
Developer: Forum users from creativityalliance.com
Publisher: Forum users from creativityalliance.com
Franchise: N/A
Previous Game: N/A
Next Game: N/A

NOTE: This game shall not be confused with a tabletop RPG of same name.

Racial Holy War: The Cold War (officially abbreviated as RaHoWa) is a freeware Neo-Nazist FPS video game created by users of the creativityalliance.com forum. It is probable that this game is meant to be a spiritual successor for ZOG's Nightmare, but there is no way to confirm this.


“It has become a dark future, the White Race is becoming more and more of an endangered species, the Jews have almost total domination of the planet earth. The last racially loyal reminisce of the White Race have splintered into several independent groups, the two largest being "The Alliance of Skin" and successful independent factions of the religion of "Creativity".

In a secret facility known as "RaHoWa Labs #36" the greatest minds of the white race have finally perfected the forbidden sciences of human cloning and enhancement. You're name is Hymn, you are the first successful human clone created to aid the White Race in gaining control of its own destiny and to provide substantial resistance against its biological enemies - the inferior Mud Races.

Will you find the lost White Temple and defeat the International Jewish Crime Syndicate or will you become nigger food like your predecessors?”

Why It Sucks

  1. Borderline offensive, as you would expect from any Neo-Nazi game.
  2. It comes bundled with some PDFs of white supremacist books.
  3. Contrary to the games from Resistance Records, this game tires to have an elaborated storyline, but it still depict Jewish and African American people as evil by nature. This renders the storyline much too unrealistic just to insult those people.
  4. The NPC dialogue is full of racist slurs out of context.
  5. It is an asset flip with many reused, common, assets.
  6. Game-breaking glitches.
  7. Little gameplay variety. You can find most of the game mechanics in many other games made on the FPSC game engine.
  8. The game's levels are separated into three different executable files.
  9. Long loading times.
  10. The concept about Jewish people trying conquer the world already was used in all of the Resistance Records games.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least it do qualify as a game by terms of game length and gameplay.
  2. Completely free.