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Not to be confused with Raid: Shadow Legends, a 2018 RPG game published by Plarium Games.

RAID: World War II
Let me tell you the story about four crazy prisoners who fought a whole army of bugged turkey soldiers.
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Release Date: Microsoft Windows
WW: September 26, 2017
PlayStation 4, Xbox One
NA: October 10, 2017
EU: October 13, 2017
Game Engine: Diesel Engine 2.0
Developer: Lion Game Lion
Publisher: Starbreeze Studios (PC)
505 Games (Console Retail)
Made in: Croatia

RAID: World War II is a co-op first-person shooter game developed by Lion Game Lion. The Microsoft Windows version was published by Starbreeze Studios in September 26, 2017, while the both PlayStation 4 and Xbox one versions were published by 505 Games in October 10, 2017.


During the second World War, the prisoners Sterling, Rivet, Kurgan and Wolfgang are freed by "Mrs. White", a British Intelligence Operative, but they have a debt to repay. Their mission is simple: fight the war without rules or mercy and stop Hitler and the Nazi Germany. Their reward is all the Nazi gold they can carry.


Raid: World War II was developed by Lion Game Lion, a Croatian Starbreeze partner studio that previously developed some DLC's for Payday 2. The team chose to work with Diesel 2.0, the same engine used in Payday 2, because they had an extensive experience on working with the engine. The game had a budget of only $8 million, financed by Starbreeze Studios.

Why it Sucks

  1. The whole game is just a reskin of Payday 2 with almost no technical differences, it even uses the same engine, which is responsible for many of the game flaws and glitches.
  2. The graphics are outdated due to it's still using Diesel Engine 2.0, as mentioned above.
  3. Most of the environments and structures are bland and look very repetitive, this gets worse indoors because it's tedious to figure out where you need to go.
  4. Very poor visual effects, the water isn't even animated, it's just a bland texture that tries to imitate water.
  5. An abysmal amount of bugs and glitches due to being released in in an apparent rushed and unfinished state.
  6. The loading times can be frustratingly long at times.
  7. The framerate is pretty awful and inconsistent, specially when enemies get piled into close quarters.
  8. Collision detection is a complete joke, enemies will often pass through the walls for no apparent reason.
  9. The game frequently crashes
  10. Very low variety of weapons, with only 25 (including the two grenades available).
  11. Hit detection is so absurdly broken that taking a simple headshot is exaggeratedly difficult and tedious, as it seems that the bullet curves and goes around the desired target.
  12. As in Payday 2, most of the weapons have an insane amount of recoil, making run and gun almost impossible.
  13. The amount of enemy units is really poor, it only consists of normal grunt soldiers, heavy flamethrower units and snipers.
  14. The few missions available are rather boring and generic, most of them consist from going into a location and killing someone, destroying or stealing something and there is almost no variety between them.
    • You can also unlock more missions if you find and collect a folder in some of the missions, but these extra missions are not worth it.
  15. One of the missions is an exact rip-off of the jewerly store of Payday 2.
  16. Some of the weapons look bizarre and don't even resemble of their real life counterparts, like the Kar98k bolt rifle.
  17. Inaccurate weapon stats and animations, while the real Lee Enfield can hold up to 10 rounds, the in-game rifle only holds up 5 rounds, and what's worse, you can reload all of the scoped guns using a clip, something that is impossible to do in real life because of the scope blocking up the rifle bolt.
  18. Stationary weapons handle very bad.
  19. Lackluster weapon customization system.
  20. The stealth system is very badly designed, as it requires a very specific layout of the map and the AI to be in specific positions, unlike Payday 2 where you can make almost all of the missions in a stealthy way regardless the level layout and the AI position.
    • Since there are no supressors available, you need to be very skilled and lucky to go stealth.
  21. All of the main characters are annoying and seem like they're trying to parody the original Payday crew.
  22. Unforgiving fall damage.
  23. Awful driving physics, which is very ironic taking in count that the game was made with Diesel 2.0 a game engine that was used in games like FlatOut.
  24. The amount of enemies per level is abysmal, you will often fight more than 30 enemies in a single small room.
  25. Enemies can soak up a lot of bullets without dying, if you're using a bolt action rifle, this will get much worse.
  26. Braindead enemy and friendly AI.
  27. There’s a radial command system to guide your AI teammates, but it is very faulty and bots will not respond to your orders.
  28. Your ammo caps are very limited in early levels.
  29. The game requieres an extreme amount of grinding:
    • When you finish a mission, the experience gained will only accumulate to your current character.
    • A single weapon upgrade or a visual cosmetic can cost hundreds or even thousands of gold bars (the in-game currency), while completing all of the missions will only reward you with the ridiculous amount of 70 gold bars. To give an example, a gold bench (visual cosmetic for your bunker) costs around 5000 gold bars, to buy it, you will need to complete each mission of the game 72 times.
  30. Lame leveling system, when you level up, you can choose between three different skills, but these are very generic, as the skills can only upgrade a small amount of your stamina, life meter, reload time, etc. You have to level up a lot to even notice a little difference.
  31. The soundtrack is uninspired at best, consisting in a lot of cliche war music.
  32. Voice acting is so cheesy that it will stick to your mind for a long time, the best example of this is the "Blammo" line said by Sterling.
  33. The sound design can get buggy or weird, sometimes when you fight a bunch of enemy soldiers they will scream like a turkey.
  34. Despite the poor quality of the game, it costed $40 at release. It was later reduced to $20 on Steam.
  35. The golden M1 Garand was supposed to only be for Pre-Orders, but the game was so poorly programmed that everyone had access to it apparently.
  36. Since the game was a critical and commercial flop, the developers never bothered in solving most of the game faults.
  37. There is no purpose on buying this game, it's very hard to find players to play with and it no longer receives support.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The free content added in Payday 2 is totally worth, as it adds some new weapons, masks and trophies.
  2. The cutscenes are so stupid that they're actually funny. Have a look.


Raid: World War II received mixed to negative reviews and it was panned as a copy of Payday 2. On Metacritic, it holds an aggregate score of 53% on PC and 46% on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. IGN gave the game a score of 5.0, criticizing the outdated graphics, broken AI, the many technical issues, lackluster unlocks and the poor mission variety. The game would soon die shortly after a year into it's lifecycle. The game is now considered a meme in the Payday community.


The only advertisement this game got was from Overkill Software, besides all the massive announcements inside the game, a lot of extra content was added in the Aldstone's Heritage event and all of the Payday 2 owners had access to the Raid: World War II closed beta. It is believed that this was the main reason why the game flopped, as the players thought that it was an expensive Payday 2 DLC instead of a new game.





6 months ago
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The game sound bad, but the WIS is quite nitpicking and needs optimization.


5 months ago
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Not anymore.


6 months ago
Score 3
Not to be confused with RAID: Shadow Legends.


5 months ago
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The Bren LMG in this game isn't really inaccurate. The non-upgraded version is the ones manufactured by Inglis and shipped to the Chinese during WW2. Once upgraded to max, it'll look like the Bren Mk1 which is the Bren gun that we are all familiar with.

Source: http://www.i...World_War_II


5 months ago
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reposted because i need to fix catastrophic mistakes


4 months ago
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Never seen the chinese one, anyway, thanks for your observation.


4 months ago
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If this game wasent a reskin of payday 2 and used a different engine this game would be a lot better


4 months ago
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No doubt about it, the idea was pretty good.

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