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QuackityHQ is a Youtuber known for his Roblox Sucks series of videos. In 2017, he orchestrated two raids onto Roblox and its forums.

His Raid

First Raid

The first one took place on May 1st, 2017. Quackity received a three-day ban on Roblox on his QuackityIsHot for no specific reason (his trolling towards other Roblox players shown in his series). However, he and his fans decided to raid the forums in an attempt to get him unbanned. Within minutes, the Roblox forums were filled with messages asking the admins to comply. Viewers soon realized that Roblox admins were watching the stream, so Quackity attempted to negotiate with them. He promised that if his account was unbanned, the raid would stop. The admins refused and proceeded to censor "Quackityishot" and extended the ban to 2 weeks. Minutes later, they would give Quackity an IP ban, meaning he was never allowed to make another account on the site. He then called Roblox's phone support and told him to check his email response. He was never told what to do but instead found a way around the ban and regained access to the site by using a rabb.it proxy. He arrived to find his account deleted. After he found out his account was deleted, he then proceeded to call the Canadian Roblox support number, which turned out to be a porn hotline. The raid was so strong that it actually got the forums shut down. The admins decided to finally put an end to the raid by getting Quackity‘s Twitch account suspended while he was going after Roblox's official Twitter account.

Second Raid

The second raid occurred on June 6, 2017 at 5:58 PM (PDT). The difference now was that this wasn't to spread a message, this was just for fun. Since Quackity announced the raid on his YouTube, the admins were quick to take action. His account was deleted two minutes into the stream and received an IP ban six minutes into the stream. This riled up the raiders even more and they attack their forums to get Quackity's account unbanned. Quackity made several alts, even ones that were given to him by his fans, and got them banned instantly (some were banned less than a minute after he logged in). He even tried to talk to the Roblox admin "InceptionTime" on Twitter, but he blocked him there as well. Despite the support for Quackity to be unbanned, the Roblox admins refused to listen, and instead started banning people who supported Quackity.

During the raid, a user named "higzl" created a place on Roblox that was basically a shrine for Quackity at one point. However, it got deleted only because it was about Quackity, even though it wasn't inappropriate in the slightest. Higzl even received a 3-day ban for this. Quackity's Roblox username (Quackityishot) got censored as well. At this point, it was confirmed that the admins were getting personal. Not only were they blacklisting Quackity, but they were disciplining anyone who even associated with him. They even at one point put a 2-year filter (17520 hours), which eventually became a 13.7 year old filter on the forums, (120,000 hours equaling 5,000 days) and because Roblox debuted on May 22, 2005, this means the oldest users couldn't post on the forums until May 22, 2018 (162 days after the forums shut down.)


The forums were raided to the point where the forums were shut down temporarily. Many people consider this to be an example of how corrupt the Roblox adminship really is, due to the fact that the raid caused the admins to go crazy and start banning people who associated with Quackity or his raids, instead of doing the most simple solution; unbanning Quackity.

On December 4th, 2017 the servers became read-only. A week later, on December 11th, they were permanently shut down. Some users believe that the raid that occurred could have been a major instigator to this decision.


  • As noted, QuackityHQ didn't stop his tradition of raids after Roblox. He later went on to raid Habbo, Animal Jam and Club Penguin Island on Twitch, and starting in 2018 jumping from 2k-3k to 50k viewers on his Twitch streams. He did minor raids as well such as Toontown and Ponytown, which never got edited to YouTube.
  • For his final 2 episodes of Roblox Sucks, Quackity made two alternate Roblox accounts called quackityisblazing and dontcensortheduck. Both of these accounts would later be terminated.





15 months ago
Score 6

While the adminship at Roblox is corrupt, as shown here, at least Quackity got exactly what he deserved for doing that raid.

I'm not being harsh but rather, just telling the truth.


10 months ago
Score 3
I agree


9 months ago
Score 1


9 months ago
Score 1
I don't think it's a raid, it's a riot.


8 months ago
Score 3

See, that's usually the problem with coordinating raids in an attempt to stop what is believed to be corrupt leadership. One, you might become a different type of evil without realizing it. Two, if one raid fails to get said leadership to concede to your reasons for why the aforementioned controversial administrative action was unjust, it's likely that you can NEVER get them to reason with you no matter how hard you try, so at that point it's better to pursue a different course of action.

BTW, No Straight Roads teaches this kind of moral in its story, and does it pretty well to boot.


4 months ago
Score -1
Quackity deserved to be banned from Roblox for raiding the forums.


3 months ago
Score 1


23 days ago
Score 0
Oh man, I had no idea the forums shut down because of this

Virginia Solace

23 hours 44 minutes ago
Score 0
I'm likely gonna get a lot of backlash for this, but I kinda agree with the whole "Quackity should have been unbanned" thing. The raid, riot, whatever you wanna call it, was a bad idea, but had Roblox just listened for once, they could have been spared a lot of trouble-

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