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The title says it all to your reaction to this game.
Genre(s): Point-and-click
Platform(s): PC
Release: October 8th, 1996 (NA)
Developer(s): Parroty Interactive
Publisher(s): Palladium Interactive

Pyst is a 1996 point and click game by the ill-fated Parroty Interactive, a division of Palladium Interactive. The game is a parody of Broderbund's (now owned by Ubisoft) and Cyan's popular point and click adventure games Myst.


When a man accidently steps on a manhole he get's transported into Pyst island.

Why It Intentionally Makes Us Pyst

  1. The game is filled with really unfunny and tasteless jokes, going somewhere like at one point where a pigeon poops somewhere. The humor can be compared to Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon's humor and Eight Crazy Nights's humor, by the way there is even one part where a fitness trainer smokes.
  2. Poor acting for all of the characters except for King Matric who believe it or not was played by John Goodman, also none of the actors try to be funny or entertaining in this game, and come off as either soulless or emotionless.
  3. Annoying sound effects, and forgettable music (aside from I'm Pyst). The sound effects in this game are either too loud or obnoxious as some of them sound like they were plagiarized from cartoons, or sometimes they are very out-of-place.
  4. False advertising: The box claims four million people have "trashed the island… now it's your turn!" yet in reality you actually are looking at the postcards of the island, you can already tell that since you can read them from the previous visitors.
  5. Speaking of the island, is just Myst island but thrashed and looking like a mish-mash of random things slapped onto it, unlike Myst where it tries to be a dark and interesting island, the island in here is just stupid random and even disgusting.
  6. To add insult to injury, this game came out around the same time as Riven: The Sequel to Myst yet the game was going to have a sequel meant to parody Riven called Driven: A Sequel to Pyst, yet other than the early demo that can be gotten from later copies of the game, the game was never finished because Parotty interactive shut down.
  7. The game even mixes both Myst and Humongus Entertainment adventure games, as you can click on random things on screen and they will do an animation, which is pointless because in Myst you can't do that.
  8. The game is basically like parody movies by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer (the directors of Disaster Movie) because one of the characters Prince Sirup literally told you that he's a parody of Sirrus.
  9. The locations are just screenshots from Myst only with random things thrown onto them to make them look different, yet it looks pretty much the same for the most part.
  10. Unlike Myst where you need to solve puzzles to get into a new location here you just flip the postcard to change the location by clicking left or right.
  11. The last postcard where King Matric is in a bath looks fake.
  12. The credits mention that way more people were working than the developers of the actual game that it parodies.
  13. Some items are completely out of place, more so the hand drawn items which don't fit where they're need to be.
  14. It gets more and more boring after you play it.
  15. The game's humor has so many failed attempts that go absolutely nowhere and it doesn't redeem itself.
  16. Despite being a parody of Myst it doesn't do a good job at it since it doesn't make many, if any references to it; it mostly relies on its own thing, seeming as though the developers didn't play the game enough before making a parody of it.
  17. The intro is just a screenshot of the game's cover art and the only animation is at the end of it.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The game is self-aware that it's a parody and not the real game.
  2. A few funny jokes can be found.
  3. It does reference Myst at times.
  4. John Goodman's acting can be amusing.
  5. The song "I'm Pyst" is kinda catchy.

Cancelled Sequel

The game was going to have a sequel called Driven meant to parody Riven: The sequel to Myst, it was never finished due to Parroty Interactive shutting down, however the demo was included in some of the later copies of Pyst.


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