Pyongyang Racer

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Pyongyang Racer
Glorious game from True Korea designed to kill the imperialist racing game. #Thank
Genre: Driving
Platforms: Browser
Release Date: December 18, 2012
Game Engine: Adobe Flash Player
Developer: Nosotek
Publisher: Koryo Tours
Made in: North Korea

Pyongyang Racer is a 2012 driving game developed by North Korean developer Nosotek and published by Koryo Tours, a travel company who specializes in arranging visits to North Korea.

The game was released on browser in late 2012 and is is the first known video game to be produced by North Korea. It was heavily panned by the gaming press and other sources.


You control a tourist on a North Korean car, model Hwiparam II. The tourist is trying to explore Pyongyang, but he is constantly interrupted by a traffic lady guiding him as he is not allowed in many streets. The game ends with the protagonist returning to the starting point after his drive.

Why It Sucks

  1. No doubt this game is DPRK propaganda. The city is so colorful and utopic that the layout of Pyongyang in the game does not remotely resemble its real-life counterpart.
  2. There's hardly any traffic anywhere, and the traffic you do see in the game does not move whatsoever. They dont have any AI! The city is completely devoid of any pedestrians as well.
  3. In order to continue driving, you have to drive into gas containers. This quickly turns to be annoying when you realize your car has very poor fuel economy.
  4. You can violate practically any traffic law without consequence. For a game that's supposed to simulate a real city, this doesn't make any sense. Where are the police?
  5. A Korean traffic lady will pop in and out of nowhere to give you directions or berate and insult you. Fortunately, she became a source for jokes mocking the game.
  6. The graphics suck so bad that this game was made by a 5 year old.
  7. How could you title it "Racer" when there are no opponents or decals? It should have been named "Pyongyang Driver."

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The developers themselves claimed Pyongyang Racer was never supposed to be a full game. In fact, it is an impressive work for a 2.4 MB file size.
  2. The soundtrack of the game is somewhat lively and epic, unfortunately spent on this.
  3. The memes about the Korean traffic lady.

Play online

Official website: here.




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It doesn't sound like a North Korea-based parody of Mario Kart!

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