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Puyo Puyo Fever DX (Java)

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Puyo Puyo Fever DX (Java)
It seems that all DX games are bad, right?
Genre(s): Puzzle
Platform(s): Java phones (J2ME)
Developer(s): Sonic Team
Publisher(s): Sega
Series: Puyo Puyo

Puyo Pop Fever, known in Japan as Puyo Puyo Fever (ぷ よ ぷ よ フ ィ ー バ ー), is a puzzle video game from the Puyo Puyo saga published as an arcade at the end of 2003. It was later converted to various platforms: PlayStation 2, Dreamcast, GameCube, Xbox, Mac OS X, Game Boy Advance, Windows, Nokia N-Gage, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable and Xbox 360, among those versions there is the version of Java Phones, which is known to be the worst port of the game.

Why This Port Puyo Plopped

  1. For starters, it's a terrible idea to make a very compressed version of a game and do slow the physics, along with high sound effects, controls that sometimes don't work, terrible difficulty, bad graphics and incomplete music.
  2. It is a very compressed version of the original game, as some sprites are missing or the physics are quite slow due to the platform change.
  3. The sound effects are very loud and almost make the music not heard too right, this gets worse in emulators as sometimes the sound effects are at high volume even if you don't have it so loud, so the music sounds worse.
  4. Physics feel pretty heavy and compressed for a java game, so most of the time the game suffers from a slowing problem, which makes opponents slow and give you the advantage to finish the fast level, plus the way Puyos move and switch sides is pretty heavy and uncomfortable, even menus have a slowing problem that makes navigation slow and uncomfortable.
  5. The controls sometimes don't work and you have to press the button twice to respond well, this problem gets worse in emulators, since the controls often don't work and you have to do the process of double tapping the buttons to make it work well for a moment, this is essentially frustrating in the most difficult phases.
  6. The difficulty is bad, already the most opponents do not pose a challenge, so most opponents do not have a challenge, therefore most levels only last 1 ammunition or even seconds, this ruins the main mechanics of the games where the first opponents were easy but then there were several difficult opponents to overcome at first, in this port opponents move slowly due to the low resolution, which gives you a lot of advantage, which is disappointing.
  7. Graphics suffer from problems:
    • The scenarios don't change for some reason, which is rare for a Java game because other games like the Mega-Man port have different scenarios, because the settings don't change, the artistic style is less attractive and boring.
    • Every time the characters make a chain, they are invisible.
    • In the dialogue scenes, some characters lack limbs.
  8. For some reason the music is incomplete.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Puyo Pop Fever is a good game, It's just this port that failed.
  2. Music, although incomplete, is acceptable and remixes are good.
  3. The game features all the original characters from the other versions.


The game suffered from negative reviews and is known for being Puyo Puyo Fever's worst port and the second worst port of a Puyo Puyo game due to the slow and easy gameplay, mediocre graphics, bad controls and the loud sounds.



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