Pure / Electric Love "What do you want?" - Eri Kitami -

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Pure / Electric Love "What do you want?" - Eri Kitami -
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What do I want? Absolutely not this complete garbage! It would've been better it it had never existed!
Genre: Visual Novel
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: JP: March 29, 2018
NA: May 31, 2018
Developer: Dorart
Publisher: Dorart
Franchise: Pure/Electric Love

Pure / Electric Love "What do you want?" - Eri Kitami - (真・電愛「なにが欲しいの?」 ~北見えり~, Shin Den Ai (Nani ga Hoshii no?) ~Eri Kitami~) is a Visual Novel for the Nintendo Switch and Android released in Japan on March 29. 2018 and in North America on May 31, 2018.

As the title suggests, the game stars Japanese adult film actress Eri Kitami cosplaying in several outfits ranging from maid to nurse uniforms and posing suggestively. Two sequels featuring fellow adult film actresses Ema Sakura and Moe Yamauchi were also released.

Why It Sucks

Note: The following points also apply to the sequels, as they are basically the same game with different actresses and sets of photos.

  1. They didn’t even bother to localize the game into English when it was released on the North American eShop. So unless you know Japanese, you’re going to be lost.
  2. The eShop description reads like it was translated through Google Translate.
  3. If one wanted to view pictures of women cosplaying and/or posing suggestively (which this game and its sequel are essentially glorified collections of), they’d just go on the internet or her Twitter site where they can find countless such pictures without having to pay a dime.
  4. Literally 70% of the game is paid DLC. Unless you buy the DLC bundle, you're essentially paying $5 for what ends up amounting to nothing but a demo for a $15 game.
  5. Despite the game consisting largely of voiced dialogue, it doesn't even have Japanese subtitles. This not only renders it unplayable for hearing-impaired people who are fluent in Japanese, but the audio quality is too poor to be picked up by most machine translation programs, so if one were to try and translate the dialogue, it'd have to be done entirely by ear.




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This is one big headache.

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does this have porn? id want to know

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