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This is a screenshot of the game. The games the screenshot shows are Vegetables, In-On-Over-Under, Fruits, and Barnyard Disco.
I'm very hungry!

Pumkin World (A.K.A. Pumkin Online English Course), specifically the now-defunct 2008 subpage of the main pumkin.com site, is a website of eight educational games teaching young children about English words. Although this game teaches English, the game that made it popular is the famous Hungry Pumkin, where you have to feed a pumpkin who always demands food, drinks, or condiments. If you give the pumpkin what he wants, he will devour it whole, same with the drinks and condiments, glass and all.

The other games showcased on Pumkin World's homepage are: Numbers, In-On-Over-Under, Vegetables, The Fruits Game, The Color Game, The Clothes Game and Barnyard Disco.

Although the 2008 page's server IP address no longer exists, you could have experienced this game for yourself with this Wayback Machine archive, but as of January 12, 2021, Flash Player can no longer be used in web browsers, meaning the only way to play it now is through Bluemaxima's Flashpoint.

Why It Sucks

  1. The Flash animation feels cheesy and cheap.
  2. The voice acting is really poor.
  3. On every game except Hungry Pumkin and Barnyard Disco, if you pick something wrong, a really annoying wrong buzzer sound that sounds like someone made a buzzing noise with their voice will go off.
  4. Hungry Pumkin is strange since the pumpkin will swallow condiment containers, glass cups, and aluminum cans whole. Pumkin himself is also a jerk in ways like not paying after eating, throwing food and saying "NO!, I don't want that." when you give him something he doesn't want, and saying "Give me the (food or drink)," instead of saying “please” and “thank you”.
  5. Blowing away the lady Pumkin's clothes with the crow laughing at it in The Clothes Game makes the game feel mean-spirited.
  6. Barnyard Disco is a clone of Simon.
  7. In In-On-Over-Under, the crocodile speaks very heavily.
  8. When you click the goat on Barnyard Disco, it looks like it is humping the floor.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. This website tried its best to teach children the English language.
  2. The voice acting for the Hungry Pumkin is passable and tolerable.
  3. Some moments in the game are humorous, mostly things related to Hungry Pumkin. There is a glitch where you can feed the pumpkin an infinite quantity of “invisible food”, which will cause his body to enlarge in size. In fact, some YouTubers have successfully pulled off the glitch.
  4. Hungry Pumkin spawned great and hilarious YouTube Poop videos.
  5. Despite the animation feeling cheesy and cheap, people may seem to enjoy this game since it uses Flash, but as of January 12, 2021, Flash Player no longer be used in web browsers, making this game unplayable so people can no longer make any reviews on the game unless they use Flashpoint.


Pumkin World got mostly negative reception, with CaveManFilms calling it “The Worst Game”.


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