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Puffins: Island Adventure

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Puffins: Island Adventure
A collection of mini-games that no one knew even existed, until now. Now buy the Puffins cereal because Puffin Point!
Genre(s): Party
Platform(s): Nintendo DS
Release: June 1, 2009
Developer(s): Other Ocean Interactive
Publisher(s): Majesco
Series: Barbara's Puffins

Puffins: Island Adventure is a party game for the Nintendo DS developed by Other Ocean Interactive and published on June 1, 2009 by Majesco Entertainment. This is a game tie in for Weetabix's Barbara's Puffins Breakfast Cereal.


You play as part of a puffin flock on an island, where you can fly and talk to other puffins. Some puffins give mini-games which you can play to get Golden Capelin and reputation. Golden Capelin is a currency used to purchase items such as real life videos to play in Venture's hut. Getting better ratings in the mini-games increases your reputation on the island and thus allow you to play more kinds of mini-games and unlock additional levels for ones you already unlocked. After earning a good enough reputation you will unlock a hut which you will live in, and getting a better reputation will then give you a wife or husband companion in the hut, and talking to her or him allows you to buy customizations to the hut you live in, such as new nests, paintings on the wall, and new huts for Golden Capelin you obtained in the mini-game missions.

You can customize your portrait image and your gender for the puffin you play as, though the models in other areas will not change.

You can play mini-games outside of story mode in "Quick Play" mode. You can also play Puffin 500 and Puffin Plummet with other people in your local area.

There are eight different types of mini-games in this game to play.

  1. Puffin 500
  2. Ring Race
  3. Puffin Plummet
  4. Tide Pool Fishing
  5. Dive Fishing
  6. Quick Catch
  7. Egg Roll
  8. Feeding Time

Why It Deserves No Island

  1. This game is actually a mini-game compilation of eight different kinds of mini-games, with an overworld slapped on the game to do the missions.
  2. The mini-games are generic and uninspired and are too shallow and quickly too repetitive to be fun.
  3. The Puffin 500 and Ring Race mini-games are generic racing games, with Puffin 500 race being a knock-off of Mario Kart racing, and the Ring Race where you fly through rings in a time limit (like Superman 64 except you're on land and the controls are actually good in this game).
  4. In the overworld, you can start flying anywhere, however you cannot land on any spot on a location you unlocked, you can only land on specified landing positions which you must unlock for use.
  5. As said before, this game sponsors Barbara's Puffins Breakfast Cereal and Organic Wild Puffs brands, and this is proven in game by the fact that when you get a low grade of F, D, or C you are shown a "Puffin Point" screen, which contains an advert for either of the cereal brands, an image related to puffins, and a fact about puffins.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The minigames can be fun despite being generic. Though, you may be able to find better versions of the minigames found in the game in other games.
  2. When a Puffin Point message appears one of the 33 Puffin Point images of a puffin will appear in the Puffin Point.
  3. The videos you purchase from Venture using Golden Capelin are high quality and somewhat charming.


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